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From time to time, we release papers and blog posts related to Cloud DLP. They are listed here.

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How tokenization makes data usable without sacrificing privacy

Tokenization, sometimes referred to as pseudonymization or surrogate replacement, is widely used in industries like finance and healthcare to help reduce the use of data in use, compliance scope, and minimize sensitive data being exposed to systems that do not need it. With Cloud DLP, customers can perform tokenization at scale with minimal setup.

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Using Cloud DLP to de-identify and obfuscate sensitive information

The team discusses how to leverage Cloud DLP to protect data by automatically incorporating data obfuscation and minimization techniques into your workflows.

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Using Cloud DLP to find and protect PII

Scott Ellis, Cloud DLP Product Manager, discusses how to leverage Cloud DLP to increase your privacy posture.

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Scanning BigQuery with Cloud DLP

The team shares how to easily scan BigQuery from the Google Cloud Platform Console.

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Automating the classification of data uploaded to Cloud Storage

This tutorial shows how to implement an automated data quarantine and classification system using Cloud Storage and other Google Cloud Platform products.

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Data Tokenization Using Dataflow/Beam & DLP API

This proof of concept reads structured and unstructured data from Cloud Storage and stores the de-identified data to BigQuery and Cloud Storage.


Example Cloud Dataflow template to de-identify stored data

This example template builds a streaming pipeline to transform sensitive data.


Relational database import to BigQuery with Cloud Dataflow

This proof-of-concept uses Cloud Dataflow and Cloud DLP to securely tokenize and import data from a relational database to BigQuery. The example describes how to use this pipeline with a sample SQL Server database created in GKE and use of DLP template to tokenize PII data before it's persisted.



Cloud Next 2019: Scotiabank shares their cloud-native approach to ingesting PII into Google Cloud Platform

As a major international bank, Scotiabank discusses its security journey and cloud-native approach to ingesting PII into GCP, constraining access, and carefully and selectively allowing re-identification by bank applications.


Cloud Next 2019: Identify and Protect Sensitive Data in the Cloud

The team shares the latest advancements made to Cloud DLP and demos several different techniques to protect your sensitive data.


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