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Google Cloud Innovators

Regardless if you use Cloud to build, modernize, train, teach, or even for fun - in our eyes you are an Innovator.
The Innovators program is here to accelerate your learning and growth on Google Cloud, and to recognize you for the contributions you make to the broader Cloud community.

Become a Google Cloud Innovator

To claim your Innovator badge and get started in the program, you'll need a Developer Profile. Click the button below to create your profile and you'll be able to claim your Innovator badge with one click.

Opt-in to notifications in your Developer Profile settings to receive exclusive invitations and Innovators updates.

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About the program

You know Google Cloud. Now it's time for Google Cloud to get to know you.

Join the program by claiming the Innovators Program badge on your developer profile. From the beginning, you will receive invitations to hear from Google Cloud executives and Developer Advocates, roadmap presentations, and a chance for an invitation to join our new series of Innovator community events.

We're just getting started. We are working on customizing experiences across Google Cloud to incorporate your identity as an Innovator, and make your time with Cloud a more personal and collaborative journey.

Member benefits


Join live interactive discussions, AMAs and roadmap sessions to learn the latest about Google Cloud directly from Developer Advocates and Google executives.


Highlights of what members produce and do with Google Cloud featured on the Developer Center.


A chance for an invitation to our upcoming series of Innovators community events.

Innovators Hive 2022

The inaugural Innovators Hive was a live, interactive, and virtual event for our global Innovators community. Hive offered rich technical content presented by Champion Innovators and Google engineering leaders. If you weren't able to attend, you can watch all the sessions here.

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Champion Innovators

Everyone is welcome to join the Google Cloud Innovators program - developers, students, cloud practitioners . . . any Google Cloud user. Champion Innovators are the few who rise above and inspire us all. Champion Innovators are nominated by Googlers. In the coming months we will be opening additional paths to membership.

Champion benefits

In the spotlight

Champions from all over the world and with all Google Cloud specializations are featured on the Champions Directory.

Share the stage

Champions are invited to share their technical knowledge and uses of Cloud at Google events such as Google Cloud Next, Innovators community events, and more.


Amplification of content Champions create on the Developer Center and Google Cloud social channels.


Champions receive tickets and VIP treatment at our Innovators community events and other Google Cloud events.