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Pricing should be as simple as possible, while following the falling cost of compute defined by Moore’s Law.

Watch Urs Hölzle, SVP Technical Infrastructure, explain our approach to pricing.

Billing FAQs and pricing philosophy

Pricing Principles

Redundancy Optimized For Your Workload

Our cloud works for you, not the other way around. With solutions like Nearline Storage and Preemptible VMs, you can easily tailor Google Cloud Platform to your workload.

Fast Per-minute billing

With per-minute billing, you only pay for what you use. Other cloud providers make you pay for a full hour even though you may not run your instance the whole time. The savings can add up.

Pay Automatic Discounts

Sustained use discounts automatically save you money when you use instances for more than 25% of the month. Even better is that you don't need to prepay to get this discount, or project your usage - if you earn it, we will give it to you automatically.

Compliance No Prepaid Lock-In

Signing long-term contracts reduces your flexibility in a rapidly-changing environment. Google doesn’t force you to prepay – or predict your volumes – years ahead of time to get the discounts you deserve. And we give you the flexibility to change region and class to meet your ever-changing business needs.

Pay Moore’s Law pricing

We continuously innovate and optimize our costs, and pass those savings on to you. Automatically! We’ve driven the cost of computing down by more than 56% in the last 24 months.

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ProvenFree trial

New to Google Cloud Platform? We offer $300 in credit to spend on all Cloud Platform products for your first 60 days. Your trial is absolutely free and you will not be billed unless you decide to upgrade to a paid account. See our free trial FAQ for more information.

“Google’s flexible cost model allows us to not have to think or plan.”

Cathy Daw, VP at Datastax

Pricing Example

Google Cloud Platform’s combination of sustained use discounting, no price lock-in, no usage commitments or prepayment requirements, and per-minute billing offers our users a structural price advantage which becomes apparent when we consider real-world applications.

This graphic illustrates how lower list prices and customer-friendly pricing practices combine to produce a 40% total savings.

Your exact savings depend on your specific application, and may be greater than what is shown here. To see the impact of our customer-friendly pricing on your specific workload, explore our TCO Pricing Calculator.


Want to get a sense of what running in our cloud will cost? The Pricing Calculator provides a quick and easy way to estimate what your usage will look like.

You can also use our comparison calculators to evaluate Total Cost of Ownership (TCO):

Our price advantages have been validated by ESG Labs.

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