Google Cloud Platform offers customer friendly pricing up to 50% less than other cloud providers.


Customer-Friendly Pricing Innovation

Our infrastructure innovation enables us to offer the best price/performance. Our pricing is customer friendly. It’s simpler and discounts don’t require lock-in contracts. We provide per-minute billing and automatic discounts with increased usage. Custom Machine Types can save you money by matching whatever machine you want, for your workload. You no longer have to overprovision to fit your vendor’s rate card, potentially saving you up to 50% depending on your workload. If you have a job that runs just for a few minutes but are forced to pay for an hour, or if you have a job that needs 20 Gbytes but you’re forced to buy 32, or if you have unused VMs for which you signed a contract a few months ago, that’s some serious savings right there when you run on Cloud Platform.

“ Google’s flexible cost model allows us to not have to think or plan. ”

— Cathy Daw VP at Datastax

Pricing Example

Google Cloud Platform’s combination of sustained use discounting and per-minute billing without usage commitments, prepayment requirements, or price lock-in offers our users a structural price advantage which becomes apparent when we consider real-world applications. This graphic illustrates how lower list prices and customer-friendly pricing practices combine to produce a 40% total savings. Our price advantages have been validated by ESG Labs. Your exact savings depend on your specific application, and may be greater than what is shown here. To see the impact of our customer-friendly pricing on your specific workloads, explore our TCO Pricing Calculator.

Pricing Calculators

Want an estimate of what running in our cloud will cost? Our Pricing Calculator provides a quick and easy way to estimate what your usage would cost on Cloud Platform. We also offer comparison calculators to evaluate Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) versus other public clouds.

Pricing Details

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