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Build dynamic retail experiences and win the hearts of customers with our flexible, secured technology and integrated Big Data solutions.

Flexible Infrastructure

Scale for peaks and spikes.

Spikes in traffic are great for business — if your infrastructure and operations can keep up. When every millisecond of uptime counts, global retailers are turning to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for our flexible storage, reliable network, and powerful computing. Scale instantly to meet the demand of both pre-planned sale days and unexpected surges in traffic. During slower sales cycles, GCP can easily scale down, and you only pay for the time you use.

Our solutions are easily adaptable for multi-cloud or hybrid environments and we have services to help you migrate quickly and securely.

Start by contacting us or teaming up with a Google Cloud partner. Or sign up for a free trial with $300 credit to get your projects up and running quickly.

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Migration Partners:
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Intelligent Insights

Optimize your inventory, marketing, and pricing.

Anticipate demand based on trends and historical data, target more effectively, and set the ideal price point for conversion with our Big Data tools. It’s all about getting your data out of silos with cutting-edge products like BigQuery, our fully-managed serverless data warehouse, and Dataproc, our managed Hadoop service. BigQuery autoscales for performance and can run blazing-fast queries on petabytes of data, getting you insights faster. Dataproc allows you to spin up Hadoop clusters in seconds, process massive datasets, and easily spin down clusters when you’re done.

Our Big Data products have been tested and refined based on years of Google innovation, so they’re integrated and optimized to help you get real-time insight into what’s performing and what’s not.


Big Data Partners:

Machine Learning & AI

Connect shoppers with the right products.

Drive hyper-personalized product recommendations based on shopper behaviors. Enable easier product discovery with image-based search. Communicate better with your customers using cutting-edge conversational commerce. Machine learning’s potential to elevate nearly every aspect of retail is now a reality with Google Cloud.

Machine learning isn’t as simple as flipping a switch, but with Google Cloud, you don’t need a huge team to see results. You can get started with our proven and easy-to-use pre-trained models. Cloud Vision API and Video Intelligence are particularly helpful for retailers, allowing you to classify images, videos, and text into thousands of categories that can be searched by shoppers.

If you have high-impact machine learning projects, you can partner directly with Google Cloud ML experts at the Advanced Solutions Lab opportunities.

Machine Learning Partners:
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Connected Shopping Experiences

Meet the needs of omnichannel shoppers.

Mobile and omnichannel shopping have raised people’s expectations for personalized, seamless experiences. Our cloud-based devices and services can help you stay competitive by meeting customers’ needs in store and online. Deliver the right offer to the right customers with Chrome digital signage, Google Maps Platform, and IoT solutions. Build next-gen customer apps with App Engine and manage services across stores, web, mobile, and social channels with Google Cloud’s Apigee API Platform. Make checkout frictionless with Android mobile point-of-sale tablets, self-service kiosks, and secure checkout experiences.

To bring your big ideas to life and take your apps to the next level, team up with a Google Cloud partner specializing in app development and Google IoT solutions.


Connected Shopping Experiences Partners:

This kind of migration [17 e-commerce sites in 22 days] is definitely achievable, when the right platform, the right partners and the right people come together.

Ryan Kerry, Global Head of Engineering and Technology,

Security & Compliance

We do our part to help you protect your most sensitive data, including PII, transaction, billing, and payment card information by offering comprehensive data protection, identity management, network security, and threat detection and response capabilities. To earn your trust, we certify our products against the most rigorous global security and privacy standards like ISO 27001, ISO 27017, and ISO 27018, as well as industry-specific standards such as PCI DSS.

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GANT designed and opened a new flagship store in just three months by collaborating on G Suite.


Ocado uses advanced analytics and cloud storage to deliver groceries to over 580,000 active customers.


Using Google Cloud Platform, zulily provides detailed analytics on every sales event to deliver optimized pricing to 4.9 million customers.


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