Customer Overview

Creating customer love: solved

Target has established and developed a culture that celebrates their customers, where inspiration and joy are expected with every interaction. It's what keeps them both innovative and beloved. It's also why Target chose Google Cloud for a next-generation technology platform.


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The Solution

The business of delight

Twenty-five percent annual revenue growth is an outcome. Customer delight is how Target gets there. They understand and meet needs, despite how quickly technology and customer expectations change. Here's how Target does it—and, with Google Cloud, where they're going next.

Image of a woman showing her phone to the retail store Target's employee

Empathy at scale

Implementing technology has a ripple effect. Target solves problems by looking at their impact on customers, on sales associates, and on internal IT teams. With Google Cloud, Target implements storewide design and logistical solutions without compromising either internal or external experiences.

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Technical overview

Giving stores superpowers

Drive-up orders and curbside delivery mean customer convenience. It is delivered by technical excellence. Working with Google Cloud in areas like geolocation, inventory, and online commerce, the Target team does more for customers.
5,400 applications on a new Kubernetes-based platform, 24/7/365

Associates empowered with mobile apps like enterprise checkout bring value to customers. Developers using tools like open source software, CI/CD, and serverless delivery do more creative work, which positively impacts everyone. That's how Target built a new one-stop way to design, release, and manage apps to run on Google Cloud.

Google Cloud solutions

Continuous integration

Build new features faster, with better productivity and quality.

Continuous delivery

High-velocity software releases with security and quality.