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Quickly and easily deploy AI solutions across your organization with Google Cloud.

Modernize your organization with AI

With enterprise AI on the rise, speed and agility are crucial to keeping competitive, yet custom solutions can be time consuming, complex, and costly. With Google Cloud AI solutions, you can quickly and easily apply solutions across your work streams or combine our technology with vendors you already work with. Whether you’re looking to classify images and videos automatically or deliver recommendations based on user data, you can use Google Cloud AI Solutions to drive insights and improve customer experiences.

Industry use cases

healthcare and life sciences

Improve how you manage patient data

Use pre-trained models to automatically classify images and videos, parse content from articles or surveys, and convert audio to text.

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financial services

Create an intuitive customer experience

Manage risk, improve transaction monitoring, and design more personalized customer experiences with machine learning (ML) services.

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media and entertainment

Put your content into action

Whether you’re building a searchable digitized database or creating closed captions in 80+ languages, ML makes it all possible.

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Elevate the shopping experience

With image-based product discovery and per-user product recommendations, you can deliver a personalized shopping experience, helping customers find what they’re looking for faster.

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Choose the AI solution right for you

prepackaged solutions

Cloud Talent Solution

This pre-trained solution includes APIs for talent technology providers and enterprise hiring companies. Using AI, it helps match job seekers to open positions more accurately, and powers job search, profile search, and more.

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Contact Center AI alpha

Train a powerful AI model to speak and chat with customers, freeing your reps to handle more complex issues. Contact Center AI works with your existing technology to deliver insights and customized direction on every call.

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build-your-own solution

Recommendation Engine

Build a scalable, efficient, and effective service for delivering relevant content recommendations to users on a media website.

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Machine learning APIs

Integrate AI across your business with modern ML services, pre-trained models, and custom-generated solutions for tailored models.

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Thanks to our strong partner relationships, Google Cloud AI solutions easily integrate into existing partner technology.

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