Powerful & Simple Storage

Google Cloud Storage offers developers and IT organizations durable and highly available object storage. Google created three simple product options to help you address the needs of your applications while keeping your costs low. These three product options use the same API, providing you with a simple and consistent method of access.

Low Cost & No Minimum Fees

With no minimum fee and a pay for what you use model, Google Cloud Storage capacity pricing is the most cost effective in the market. In addition, with lifecycle management Google Cloud storage allows you to reduce your costs even further by archiving your objects to Cloud Storage Nearline and through scheduled deletions.

High Performance, Durability & Availability

Store your data on Google's infrastructure with very high level of durability and availability. Google Cloud Storage stores and replicates your data allowing a high level of persistence.

Safety, Privacy, & Security

Google Cloud Storage is built with a replicated storage strategy. All data is encrypted both in-flight and at rest. The Google security model is an end-to-end process, built on over 15 years of experience.

Cloud Storage Features

A Powerful, Simple and Cost Effective Object Storage Service

Google Cloud Storage is designed for 99.999999999% durability. It stores multiple copies redundantly across multiple locations, with automatic checksums to ensure data integrity.
All storage classes offer very high availability. Standard storage offers 99.9% monthly availability in its Service Level Agreement. Google Cloud Storage Nearline and DRA offer 99% monthly availability.
Google Cloud Storage is almost infinitely scalable. Whether you're supporting a small application or building a large, multi-petabyte system, Cloud Storage can handle it.
Guarantee that when a write succeeds, the latest copy of the object will be returned to any GET, globally (applies to PUTs new or overwritten objects and DELETEs).

“It was a huge challenge and a great achievement to get the game up and running on the web browser. Google App Engine and Google
Cloud Storage played a significant part in our success.”

- Cyril Erbin Game Producer, UBISOFT

Cloud Storage Pricing

With no minimum fee and a pay for what you use model

  At Rest Pricing Retrieval Pricing
Standard $0.026 (GB/Month) FREE
Nearline $0.01 (GB/Month) $0.01 (per GB)
Durable Reduced Availability $0.02 (GB/Month) FREE

For more detailed pricing information please view the pricing guide.