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Google Cloud
Innovators Plus

Innovators Plus offers over $1,500 in developer benefits for only $299. Access the entire catalog of Google Cloud Skills Boost on-demand training, up to $1000 Google Cloud credits, a certification voucher, special access to Google Cloud experts and execs, live learning events, and more (subject to eligibility limitations).

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Innovators Plus benefits include*

  • Access to over 700 hands-on labs, skill badges, and courses
  • $500 Google Cloud credits
  • A Google Cloud certification voucher
  • Bonus $500 credits after the first certification earned each year
  • Live learning events led by Google Cloud experts
  • Quarterly technical briefings hosted by Google Cloud executives
  • 1:1 consultations with Google Cloud experts

*Benefit redemption subject to limitations.

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Upcoming live learning sessions

Included in Innovators Plus, join exclusive live learning events with Google Cloud experts. Topics change every few weeks and focus on completing specific tasks on Google Cloud or engaging in friendly hands-on competition in a gamified lab environment to help you build your skills all year long.

Introduction to BigQuery

In this course you will learn the fundamentals of BigQuery. You will explore different tasks and challenges that data analysts encounter, and how the features of BigQuery address these challenges. This course uses lectures, demos and hands-on labs to teach you the fundamentals of BigQuery, including how to query large datasets in a matter of seconds.

Google Cloud Networking

In this course you will learn the essential features of Google Cloud networking, including how to create and secure Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) networks for your projects. With hands-on labs, you will also learn how to interconnect your VPC networks between projects.

Join Innovators Plus members on the cloud fast track

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Get 1:1 time with a Google Cloud expert

Join now and be one of the first to enjoy up to an hour of 1:1 consultation with a Google Cloud expert, launching in early 2023 and exclusive to Innovators Plus subscribers. Have a tricky AI challenge you want to talk through? Want a second set of eyes on an architecture you're drafting? Grab a 30 or 60-minute session with an expert. Watch out for more great benefits like this getting added to Innovators Plus throughout the year.

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Start learning and prepare for Google Cloud certification

Included in Innovators Plus, access role based learning paths, earn Google Cloud skill badges and prepare for certification, then claim your certification exam voucher.