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Cost Management

Cost Management

Tools for monitoring, controlling, and optimizing your costs.

  • Gain visibility into your current cost trends and forecasts

  • Drive clear accountability for costs across your organization

  • Control your costs with strong financial governance policies and permissions

  • Optimize your cloud costs and usage with intelligent recommendations


Organize resources and understand your costs

Drive accountability for costs across your organization, and better understand your return on cloud investments with flexible options for organizing resources and allocating costs to departments and teams.

Take control of your costs

Control your costs and reduce the risk of overspending with strong financial governance policies and permissions that make it easy to control who can do the spending and view costs across your organization.

Optimize spending and savings

Stay smart about your spending with intelligent recommendations tailored to your business that help optimize usage, save time on management, and minimize costs.

Key features

A path to more predictable cloud costs

Resource hierarchy and access controls

Structure and organize your resource hierarchy for fine-grained management and cost allocation using organizations, folders, projects, and labels. Enforce organizational policies with granular permissions at different levels in the resource hierarchy to control who can spend and who has administrative and cost-viewing permissions.

Reports, dashboards, budgets, and alerts

Get at-a-glance views of your current cost trends and forecasts with intuitive reports in the Google Cloud console and set budgets to closely monitor your costs and alert stakeholders through email or Pub/Sub when exceeding defined budget thresholds. Create custom dashboards for your teams with Looker Studio.


View intelligent recommendations for optimizing your costs and usage. Easily apply these changes for immediate cost savings and greater efficiency.

Design a Cloud FinOps operating model with Google Cloud experts

Google’s Financial Operations team will work with customers to create the structure of their FinOps team and outline the roles and responsibilities for each member. We work with IT, finance, and business areas to enable a cost-conscious culture across your organization. 

Google’s FinOps experts will co-create a RACI model and the key process flows necessary to create and operationalize your FinOps team for success. Contact sales to get started or learn more about our entire consulting portfolio.

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Businesses are doing more with less using Cost Management tools

Learn about Google Cloud customers who are optimizing costs with our tools, products, and solutions.