MySQL databases deployed in the cloud without a fuss. Google Cloud Platform provides you with powerful databases that run fast, don’t run out of space and give your application the redundant, reliable storage it needs.

FamiliarFamiliar Infrastructure

Build and deploy for the cloud faster because Cloud SQL offers standard MySQL databases, the most popular open source database in the world. Instances available up to 16GB RAM, 500GB storage.

FamiliarFlexible Charging

Our pay per use option makes it economical to get started. If you're running a lightly or sporadically used database, you'll save money by only paying for the time you access your data. The package option allows you to control your costs for more heavily loaded instances.

SecuritySecurity, Availability, Durability

Your data is replicated in many geographic locations as standard, and failover between them is handled automatically. This means your data is safe and your database is available even in the event of a major failure. We also manage your backups, making it easy for you to restore when needed, including point-in-time recovery. Cloud SQL is ISO/IEC 27001 compliant.

MigrationEasier Migration; No Lock-in

Standard connections and tools such as mysqldump, MySQL Wire Protocol, and JDBC make it easier to migrate onto (or off!) Google Cloud Platform, and avoids lock-in. Create read replicas of your databases that can be internal or external to Google Cloud Platform.


It's easy to manage and access your instances through a web Console or a command-line interface. Applications and tools can connect to your instances over IPv4 or IPv6. Transfer data to your instance by importing and exporting databases and CSV files.

ManagedFully managed

No worrying about replication, patch management or database management - we take care of it.

Case Studies

See how other companies are using Cloud SQL to power their database-driven applications.

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"You can spend millions of dollars a year on a disaster recovery site alone. With these new approaches, you can migrate in much less time and much more cost-effectively with Google Cloud SQL."

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"The Google solution is the only one that gives you the ability to have independent databases, and to provision them affordably."

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“Using Google App Engine and Google Cloud SQL make our applications go live in half the time and have provided us with hassle-free control over all processes. The shift to Google Cloud SQL has allowed us to focus on making our applications even better.”

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Pricing calculator

The Pricing Calculator provides you with a simple tool that can help you get a sense of what an application running on Google Cloud Platform could cost.

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When charging in local currency, Google will convert the prices listed into applicable local currency pursuant to the conversion rates published by leading financial institutions.

Google offers two billing plans for Cloud SQL:

  • For developers with more traffic, we have package plans that offer a discount and help you predict your costs in advance.
  • For developers with lightweight applications, we offer a flexible “per-use” pricing scheme. You pay only for the time you access your data. Get started with a cloud-hosted MySQL database for around $10 per month.


Tier RAM Included Storage Included I/O
(per day)
(per day)
D0 0.125GB 0.5GB 200K $0.36
D1 0.5GB 1GB 850K $1.46
D2 1GB 2GB 1.7M $2.93
D4 2GB 5GB 4M $4.40
D8 4GB 10GB 8M $8.78
D16 8GB 10GB 16M $17.57
D32 16GB 10GB 32M $35.13

Additional storage, up to 500GB, is charged at $0.24/GB per month.

External network egress is charged at $0.12/GB.

Per Use

Resource Charge
D0 Database Instance (0.125GB RAM) $0.025/hour
D1 Database Instance (0.5GB RAM) $0.10/hour
D2 Database Instance (1GB RAM) $0.19/hour
D4 Database Instance (2GB RAM) $0.29/hour
D8 Database Instance (4GB RAM) $0.58/hour
D16 Database Instance (8GB RAM) $1.16/hour
D32 Database Instance (16GB RAM) $2.31/hour
1GB Storage $0.24/month
I/O $0.10/million
Idle IPv4 address $0.01/hour
External network egress $0.12/GB