Google Cloud Storage Pricing

This document discusses pricing for Cloud Storage. Prices are effective July 23, 2015.

When charging in local currency, Google will convert the prices listed into applicable local currency pursuant to the conversion rates published by leading financial institutions.

Pricing overview

Cloud Storage pricing is based on a flat rate for storage and a usage rate for network. Project storage usage and bandwidth usage are calculated in gigabytes (GB), where 1GB is 230 bytes. This unit of measurement is also known as a gibibyte (GiB).

Project storage and bandwidth usage charges accrue daily, but Google Cloud Storage bills you only at the end of the billing period. You can view unbilled usage at any time in the Billing menu of your project in the Google Cloud Platform Console. For an example scenario that shows usage and charges, see Detailed Pricing Example.

Important: Cloud Storage requires billing information for all accounts before you can start using the service. To sign up for billing, go to your project's billing page in the Google Cloud Platform Console.

Your Google Cloud Storage account is billed according to the following tables:


Standard Storage
(per GB per Month)
Durable Reduced Availability (DRA) Storage
(per GB per Month)
Nearline Storage
(per GB per Month)
$0.026 $0.02 $0.01

Storage charges are prorated on a per-object basis (with the exception of Nearline data deleted in less than 30 days, see below). For example, a 15 GB object that exists in a Standard bucket for 12 hours will incur a charge of $0.0065 (0.026($/GB/mo.) * 15(GB) * 0.5(days) / 30(days/mo.)) in a month with 30 days -- the charge is slightly lower or higher in a month with more or fewer days, respectively.

For buckets with object versioning enabled, each archived version of an object is charged at the same rate as the live version of the object.

Cloud Storage Nearline

Because Google Cloud Storage Nearline is intended for infrequently accessed data, you will incur the following costs for data access and early deletion:

  • Data retrieval incurs a cost of $0.01 per GB. You incur the cost only when you read data stored with the Nearline class.
  • Data deleted in less than 30 days incurs a minimum 30 day charge. For example, if you store 1,000 GB of Nearline data on day 1 and then remove it on day 15, you are charged $5 ($0.01 * 1,000 GB * 15/30) for storage from day 1 to 15, and then $5 ($0.01 * 1,000 GB * 15/30) for 15 days of early deletion from day 16 to 30.

    Early deletion charges also apply when you overwrite existing objects. For example, if you create an object in a bucket configured for Nearline, and 10 days later you overwrite it, this change is considered an early deletion. You will be charged for the remaining 20 days of storage.

    In addition, data retrieval and early deletion charges apply when you move an existing object, because "moving" an object in Cloud Storage actually copies the object, then deletes the original object. For example, if you create an object in a bucket configured for Nearline, and 10 days later you move the object, this change is considered an early deletion. You will be charged for retrieving the object and for the remaining 20 days of storage for the original object, and you will also be charged for storage of the new object.

  • Normal egress and data transfer charges apply.



Monthly Usage Network (Egress)
Worldwide Destinations
(excluding China & Australia,
but including Hong Kong)
(per GB)
Network (Egress)
China Destinations
(excluding Hong Kong)
(per GB)
Network (Egress)
Australia Destinations
(per GB)
Network (Ingress)
0-1 TB $0.12 $0.23 $0.19 Free
1-10 TB $0.11 $0.22 $0.18 Free
10+ TB $0.08 $0.20 $0.15 Free

Egress from multi-region buckets (location ASIA, EU, or US) to Google Cloud Platform services in the same multi-region location is free. For example, egress from a Cloud Storage bucket with location US to a Compute Engine instance in us-central1 is free.

Data transfer between regional and multi-region locations

Regional and Multi-Region Data Transfer
Transfer within a regional location (for example, us-east1 to us-east1) Free
Transfer within a multi-region location (for example, us to us) Free
Transfer to a different regional location within a multi-region location (for example, us-east1 to us-central1, us-east1 to us, or us to us-central1) $0.01/GB
Transfer between different multi-region locations (for example, us to asia, us to asia-east1, or us-east1 to asia-east1) $0.12/GB 0-1 TB
$0.11/GB 1-10 TB
$0.08/GB 10+ TB

For a list of locations and regions you can use when creating a bucket, see bucket locations and regional buckets.

Note that transfer charges don't apply if you don't have any Google Cloud Storage buckets or you do have buckets, but are not moving data between them. Also, if your source and destination buckets are in the same location and you are not transferring out of the Nearline Storage class, then the transfer does not incur any cost. For more information about Nearline Storage costs, see Cloud Storage Nearline Pricing.

You can view your current usage in the billing details for your project.

Custom metadata

Custom metadata headers are accounted for in your monthly storage and bandwidth usage. For example, for the custom header x-goog-meta-name: value, Google Cloud Storage counts each character in name and value as a byte stored with the object and transferred in object requests. For more information about custom headers, see HTTP Headers and Query String Parameters.

On-Demand I/O

Note: As of June 2016, Nearline On-Demand I/O is no longer necessary because Cloud Storage Nearline automatically provides increased read throughput and QPS to meet the demands of your application. Previously, Cloud Storage Nearline buckets were limited to 4 MB/s of read throughput or 4 QPS per TB of data, and On-Demand I/O was a billable feature that provided additional read throughput and QPS. Today, Cloud Storage Nearline automatically provides read throughput and QPS beyond the previous limits and does so at no extra charge.


Class A operations
(per 10,000 operations)
Class B operations
(per 10,000 operations)
Free operations

$0.10 $0.01 Free

XML API operation classes

Operation Class
GET Service
GET Bucket (when listing objects in a bucket)
Class A
GET Bucket (when retrieving bucket configuration)
GET Object
Class B

JSON API operation classes

Operation Class
Class A
Each notification
Class B

Note: Generally, you are not charged for operations that return 307, 4xx, or 5xx responses. The exception is 404 responses returned by buckets with Website Configuration enabled and the NotFoundPage property set to a public object in that bucket.

You can manage billing for a Google Cloud Storage project by going to Google Cloud Platform Console, selecting a project, and opening the project's Billing page.

Storage Transfer Service

Charges related to using Cloud Storage Transfer Service include:

  • When transferring data from an external source into Google Cloud Storage, you may incur egress and operation charges based on the pricing policy of the source provider. For example, when moving data from Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) to Google Cloud Storage, the pricing in the Amazon S3 Pricing page applies for requests and data transferred out.

  • When transferring data from any source into Google Cloud Storage, you will incur charges for insertion of each object into Google Cloud Storage (a PUT operation). For more information, see Operation Pricing.

  • When transferring data from one Cloud Storage bucket to another, you may incur transfer charges for transferring between buckets in different locations. For more information, see Network Pricing. In addition, early deletion from Google Cloud Storage Nearline will incur a cost. For more information see Google Cloud Storage Nearline pricing.

  • When you use Storage Transfer Service, operation charges apply for managing objects in buckets both in Google Cloud Storage and storage providers external to Google. For example, a transfer operation from an external provider into Google Cloud Storage might need to list bucket contents in both the source and destination locations. For more information, see Operation Pricing and the appropriate pricing page for the source provider.

Pricing examples

Simple pricing example

In this example, we show a simple scenario that might apply if you are just getting started with Google Cloud Storage. We use a monthly billing period to simplify the calculations.

Suppose you have the following storage usage pattern in a given month:

  • 50 GB of standard data storage, from the first day to the end of the billing month.
  • 10 GB of network egress (Americas and EMEA). (Ingress is free.)
  • 10,000 total PUT/POST, GET bucket (list), GET service requests, Class A operations.
  • 10,000 total GET object and HEAD requests, Class B operations.

Your bill for the month would be calculated as follows:

  • 50 GB standard storage at $0.026/per GB: $1.30
  • 10 GB of network egress at $0.12/per GB: $1.20
  • 10,000 Class A operations at $0.10/per 10,000 operations: $0.10
  • 10,000 Class B operations at $0.01/per 10,000 operations: $0.01

Total for Simple Pricing Example: $2.61

Detailed pricing example

In this example, storage usage changes during the billing period (chosen to be one month to simplify the calculations). At the end of the billing period, we calculate an average usage per month, which is billed as if your usage was effectively static at this average value. Furthermore, bandwidth and storage usage spans pricing tiers. These factors are accounted for in the following usage calculation.

Suppose you have the following storage usage pattern in a given month:

  • 40 TB of standard data storage, from the first day of the month to the midpoint of the month
  • 80 TB of standard data storage, from the midpoint of the month to the end of the month

Furthermore, suppose that your network egress, ingress, and operation count for the entire month are the following:

  • 25 TB of network egress (Americas and EMEA)
  • 25 TB of network egress (Asia-Pacific)
  • 10 TB of network ingress
  • 100,000 total PUT/POST/GET bucket/GET service requests
  • 10,000,000 total GET object and HEAD requests

Your bill is broken down as follows:

  • Standard Storage is calculated as 60 TB of equivalent static storage with the following cost:
    • 60TB (61440GB) at $0.026/per GB: $1,597.44

    Total Standard Storage Cost: $1,597.44

  • Network
    • Americas and EMEA
      • 1TB (1024GB) at $0.12/per GB: $122.88
      • 9TB (9216GB) at $0.11/per GB: $1,013.76
      • 15TB (15360GB) at $0.08/per GB: $1,228.80
    • Asia-Pacific
      • 1TB (1024GB) at $0.12/per GB: $122.88
      • 9TB (9216GB) at $0.11/per GB: $1,013.76
      • 15TB (15360GB) at $0.08/per GB: $1,228.80
    • No charge for network ingress

    Total Network Cost: $4,730.88

  • Operations
    • $0.10/per 10,000 PUT/POST/GET bucket/GET service requests: $1.00
    • $0.01/per 10,000 GET object and HEAD requests: $10.00

    Total Operations Cost: $11.00

Total for Detailed Pricing Example: $8,151.80

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