Solving for the future of communications

At Google Cloud, we’re partnering with telecommunications companies around the world to help them drive transformation and accelerate 5G adoption and monetization.

Partner for value creation and growth

Google Cloud is accelerating the transformation of communication service providers globally, helping them expand beyond providing connectivity to offering technology services and platforms that deliver value to consumers and enterprises everywhere.

Monetize 5G

Partner with us to monetize 5G as a business services platform. With our Global Mobile Edge Cloud (GMEC) strategy, we aim to deliver a portfolio and marketplace of 5G edge computing solutions built jointly with telecommunications companies; a cloud-native open platform for developing these network-centric applications; and a global distributed edge, built in partnership with telecommunications companies, for optimally deploying these solutions.

5G Edge computing solutions

Partner with us to build 5G Edge computing solutions that bring together your 5G network, Google Cloud’s leading technologies, and edge computing to help enterprises address real business challenges.

Google Cloud and AT&T are collaborating to help enterprises take advantage of Google Cloud’s technologies and capabilities using AT&T network connectivity at the edge, including 5G. Together they are developing 5G solutions for industries like retail, manufacturing, and transportation. These solutions will use AT&T’s 5G network and Google Cloud’s capabilities in AI/ML, analytics, Kubernetes, and networking—delivered at AT&T’s network edge, and in Google Cloud.

Anthos for Telecom

Anthos is an open hybrid and multi-cloud application platform offering telecommunications companies the flexibility to modernize existing applications, build new ones, and securely run them on-premises and across multiple clouds. Anthos for Telecom will bring the Anthos cloud-native application platform to the edge, allowing telcos to run their applications wherever it makes the most sense. Much like Android provided an open platform for mobile-centric applications, Anthos, based on open-source Kubernetes, will provide a platform for network-centric applications.

Reimagine the customer journey with data and AI

Harness the power of your data to transform customer care with AI- and ML-powered experiences that enable more personalized services across the customer life cycle, from acquisition to retention.

Smart analytics

Use Google Cloud’s fully managed serverless analytics platform to gain real-time insights, make data-driven decisions to reduce customer churn, manage network optimizations, detect fraud, and implement data-heavy IoT solutions at scale.

Contact Center AI

Deliver exceptional customer service with artificial intelligence that converses naturally with customers and expertly assists human agents on more complex cases, while seamlessly integrating with your existing contact center technology.

Bring operational efficiency to core IT and networks

Accelerate your speed to market by modernizing your infrastructure and core applications and working with our ecosystem of key industry partners.

SAP on Google Cloud

Prepare for the intelligent enterprise with Google Cloud solutions for SAP. Upgrade simply with easy migration tools, run with agility on an all-VM-based architecture, and innovate for results from your SAP data.

API management

Increase agility and speed to market by decoupling complex systems of record from the fast-moving surfaces of customer engagement. Securely manage, measure, and monetize APIs whether they’re on-premises, in the cloud, at the near edge, or in a hybrid configuration.

G Suite

Increase productivity and collaboration in your organization, from frontline workers in retail locations to corporate teams, with our G Suite package of productivity tools. G Suite gives you all you need to collaborate, save time, and grow your business.