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Google Cloud for supply chain and logistics

Make your supply chain resilient, sustainable, and transformative while improving customer experience with Google’s digital supply chain solutions.
  • United Parcel Service
  • The Home Depot
  • Lufthansa Group
  •  J.B. Hunt
  • Renault Group
  • Ocean Network Express


Create a digital supply chain platform

Deliver exceptional customer experience

Meet your customers expectations

Better understand your customer needs, increase customer satisfaction, and improve their customer service experience with AI.

Reimagine business operations

Innovate and optimize demand, inventory, and logistics processes with an AI platform.

Improve fulfillment and delivery

Provide smart warehousing, asset tracking, fleet routing, and last mile shipment solutions with 5G and cloud networking products.

Build a resilient and sustainable supply chain

Mitigate supply chain risk

Predict and respond to natural, operational, and financial risks by processing and analyzing real time events.

Design for sustainability

Minimize risk, costs, and environmental impact while ensuring longevity and business continuity.

Meet your sustainability goals

Minimize your carbon footprint no matter which region your supply chain operates in.

Run your supply chain autonomously

Control tower for full visibility

Create a digital twin of your supply chain with end-to-end visibility, alert-driven event management, analytics, and collaboration across teams.

Automate business processes

Deploy AI solutions and automation to streamline paper-based processes like procurement and freight.

Increase user productivity

Enable supply chain professionals to analyze, anticipate, and collaborate on issues before they even happen.


Helping accelerate your transformation

Our ecosystem of trusted industry partners can help you plan, design, and deploy across your value chain.