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50% of organizations have experienced an API security incident in the past 12 months. Read the report.
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Apigee API Management

Build, manage, and secure APIs—for any use case, environment, or scale.

Google Cloud's native API management to operate your APIs with enhanced scale, security, and automation.

  • Build APIs to unlock and standardize data from any app, system, or service (Quickstart)

  • Secure every API transaction with built-in robust policies and advanced controls

  • Monitor and analyze your traffic to gain reliable performance and actionable insights (Demo)

  • Operate APIs—built or deployed anywhere—with consistency (Learn more)

  • Create API products to generate new revenue streams and vibrant communities (Guide)


Comprehensive security without overhead

Extensive configurations to shape API traffic for any use case, control APIs across the life cycle, and secure services from API transaction to the edge. 

High performance and reliability at scale

Handle unexpected traffic spikes with unparalleled performance and response times by relying on our battle-tested runtime and worldwide cloud network.

Build with flexibility and adapt to change

Adapt to any API-led architecture, business model, or environment using familiar open standards and developer-friendly capabilities. 

Key features

Key features

Orchestrate traffic in most demanding applications with APIs

Build APIs to unlock data from any application, system, or service with a fully managed API gateway.

Implement any API architectural style (REST, gRPC, SOAP, GraphQL, and more) suitable for your application needs and development preferences.

Implement Apigee and Anthos Service Mesh together to standardize and control communications between microservices.

Detect and mitigate security threats with Advanced API Security

Use Apigee’s Advanced API Security capabilities to more easily identify API misconfigurations, malicious bot attacks, and anomalous traffic patterns without overhead and alert fatigue.

Surface API proxies that do not conform to security standards to identify APIs that are misconfigured or experiencing abuse. Advanced API Security regularly assesses managed APIs and provides API teams with a recommended action when configuration issues are detected. 

Leverage Advanced API Security’s preconfigured rules to easily identify malicious bots within API traffic.

Deploy to any environment with consistent control and governance

Achieve the architectural freedom to deploy your APIs anywhere—in your own data center or public cloud of your choice—by configuring Apigee hybrid. Host and manage containerized runtime services in your own Kubernetes cluster for greater agility and interoperability while managing APIs consistently with Apigee.

Use API hub to catalog all enterprise APIs irrespective of where they are built, deployed, or managed—Apigee or otherwise. Govern APIs sprawling across diverse tools and environments to a consistent quality with self-service tools and open source standards.

Create new revenue streams and ecosystems from your API products

Build API products by bundling individual APIs or resources into a logical unit that addresses a specific use case. 

Publish your API products in out-of-the-box integrated developer portals or customized experiences built on Drupal. Drive adoption of your API products by enabling easy onboarding, secure access, and engaging experiences without any administrative overhead. 

Monetize your API products to unlock new revenue streams from your digital assets. Define comprehensive rate plans for your API products to support any business model that captures the value of your API usage.

API-first integration with Apigee Integration

Connect existing data and applications and surface them as easily accessible APIs that can power new experiences.

With Apigee Integration, Google Cloud brings together the best of API management and integration, all in a unified platform leveraging cloud-native architecture principles that allows enterprise IT teams to scale their operations, accelerate developer velocity, and increase the speed to market.

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Apigee documentation

Build your first API proxy

The first step is building an API proxy that acts as the foundation to control transactions for any modern application, architecture, or experience.

Applying policies to your API

After you build an API proxy, you're ready to define policies that can manage traffic, manipulate messages, and ensure protection.

Maintaining high uptime for your APIs

Track your APIs with near real-time insights into API traffic and performance to make sure they are up and running correctly.

Improving your API quality

Fine-tune your APIs by analyzing the traffic flowing through your proxies to understand performance, adoption, and engagement.

Productizing and publishing APIs to developers

Collect API resources (individual APIs or methods) to package them into products and provide access to developers for consumption.

Monetizing your API products

Define comprehensive rate plans for your APIs to monetize them directly or indirectly, or even pay royalties to developers.

Use cases

Apigee use cases

Use case
Build cloud-native applications

Enable standardized access to your existing services, data sources, or legacy applications by building an API proxy that acts as a secure abstraction layer. 

As you scale, you can unlock greater business agility by decoupling your monolithic application into microservices. With Apigee and Anthos Service Mesh, you can standardize, secure, and monitor service-to-service communications

Diagram shows API management in a central position, facilitating flow to and from internet-enabled devices, microservices, and monolithic applications.
Use case
Create new revenue streams and vibrant ecosystems

With the ubiquitous use of APIs in packaging digital assets, business leaders are increasingly relying on APIs as a channel to reach new markets beyond existing business models. Apigee provides extensive flexibility in packaging multiple APIs or methods into individual products and defining comprehensive rate plans for each API product. 

Use case: New business channels using APIs
Use case
Implement security in multiple layers with WAAP

Security is top priority for every organization today. Google Cloud launched WAAP (Web App and API protection) based on the same technology Google uses to protect its public-facing services against web application vulnerabilities, DDoS attacks, fraudulent bot activity, and API-targeted threats. Google Cloud WAAP combines three solutions (Apigee, Cloud Armor, and reCAPTCHA Enterprise) to provide comprehensive protection against threats and fraud.

Use case: API management for healthcare
Use case
Operate in our environment or yours, consistently

APIs are increasingly distributed across private data centers and public clouds—sometimes even multiple. With Apigee hybrid, you can host your runtime anywhere—in your data center or the public cloud of your choice, while maintaining control over your APIs and the data they expose. Blend your legacy and existing systems with ease by hosting containerized runtime services in your own K8S cluster.

Use case: API management for open banking

All features

Apigee features

Orchestrate traffic in any modern application or architecture

Build API proxies that provide unparalleled control and reliability for most demanding applications.

Start creating your first API proxy


Implement any architecture with support for REST, gRPC, SOAP, or GraphQL styles based on your requirements.


Proxy internal services managed in service mesh as REST APIs and simplify microservice management.

Migrate to container-based microservices

Secure your APIs and services in multiple layers

Configure from a robust set of policies to gain control on behavior, traffic, security, and QoS of every API.

Apply policies


Leverage reports and scores to automatically detect malicious bot attacks and identify misconfigured APIs.

Get started with Advanced API Security


Implement security at every layer with reCAPTCHA, Cloud Armor, and Cloud IAM to protect from any attack.

Learn more

Monitor APIs with comprehensive controls

Investigate every detail in an API transaction within the console or any distributed tracing solution.

Debug API proxy flow


Isolate problem areas quickly across a proxy, its performance, or latency to maintain high application resiliency.

Use API Monitoring


Identify anomalous traffic patterns and get notified on unpredicted behavior without overhead.

Get started with Advanced API Operations

Analyze your API traffic and developer engagement

Use built-in dashboards to investigate spikes, improve performance, and identify improvement opportunities by analyzing critical information from your API traffic.  

Start using analytics dashboards


Build custom dashboards to analyze API quality and developer engagement to make informed decisions.

Learn more

Deliver ultrafast response times even with unpredictable traffic

Host across our globally distributed edge network to ensure unparalleled high performance and global availability.

Use Cloud CDN to cache often-accessed data to maintain low latency.

Learn more

Deploy APIs in any environment of your choice

With Apigee hybrid, you can host your runtime anywhere—in your data center or the public cloud of your choice—while maintaining consistent control over all of your APIs.


You can make sure your API traffic is processed within the boundaries of your own network or control by managing containerized runtime services in your own Kubernetes cluster.  

Learn more about Apigee hybrid

Catalog APIs built anywhere into one place

Consolidate, organize, and describe all your APIs into API hub—a single source of truth for all enterprise APIs, irrespective of their protocol or origin. 


Govern every API to a consistent quality by managing versions, life cycle stages, dependencies, and descriptions.

Get started with API hub

Productize your APIs and drive their consumption

Bundle individual APIs or API resources into API products to solve specific use cases. 

Create an API product


Publish your API products in out-of-the-box integrated portals or custom Drupal-based experiences.


Onboard, manage, and engage your developer audiences in your portals with a frictionless experience to build vibrant API communities.                

Manage your developer community

Capture direct or indirect revenues from your API products

Create rate plans for your API products to monetize your API channels. Implementing business models of any complexity by configuring billing, payment model, or revenue share with granular details.

Enable monetization


Apigee Pricing

Apigee offers simple yet flexible pricing options no matter your API management needs—whether you are starting small or operating a large-scale API program.

Pricing model Details


Experience industry-leading API management capabilities in your own sandbox at no cost for 60 days.

Try it free


Start small but powerful by unlocking Apigee with no upfront commitment and pay only for your usage.

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Build and scale enterprise-wide API programs with predictable costs using Apigee’s flexible subscription tiers.

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Apigee is partnered with 300+ global and regional, SI, and ISV partners to help you build and scale API programs. Learn more.