Apigee API Management

Manage APIs with unmatched scale, security, and performance

Google Cloud’s native API management tool to build, manage, and secure APIs—for any use case, environment, or scale.

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Duet AI in Apigee API Management

Create API specifications by describing your requirements in natural language in Apigee API Design Assistant, a plugin integrated into Cloud Code. Based on the prompt, Duet AI in Apigee API Management automatically generates an OpenAPI specification consistent with the other APIs and compliant with policies in your enterprise. Additionally, it also provides recommendations and autocompletes missing elements like metadata and detailed descriptions. 

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Duet AI in Apigee API hub

Consolidate API specifications—built or deployed anywhere—into API hub. Built on open standards, API hub is a universal catalog that allows developers to access APIs and govern them to a consistent quality. Using autogenerated recommendations provided by Duet AI in Apigee API hub, you can create assets like API proxies, integrations, or even plugin extensions that can be deployed to Vertex AI or ChatGPT.

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Automated API Security with ML based abuse detection

Use Advanced API Security to protect your APIs from misconfigurations, malicious bot attacks, and critical abuses. Advanced API Security assesses managed APIs regularly, surfaces API proxies that do not meet security standards, and provides recommended actions when issues are detected. ML-powered dashboards accurately identify critical API abuses by finding patterns within the large number of bot alerts, reducing the time to act on important incidents.

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High-performance API proxies

Orchestrate and manage traffic for demanding applications with unparalleled control and reliability. Apigee supports styles like REST, gRPC, SOAP, and GraphQL, providing flexibility to implement any architecture. Using Apigee, you can also proxy internal microservices managed in a service mesh as REST APIs to enhance security. 

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Hybrid/multicloud deployments

Achieve the architectural freedom to deploy your APIs anywhere—in your own data center or public cloud of your choice—by configuring Apigee hybrid. Host and manage containerized runtime services in your own Kubernetes cluster for greater agility and interoperability while managing APIs consistently with Apigee.

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Traffic management and control policies

Apigee uses policies on API proxies to program API behavior without writing any code. Policies provided by Apigee allow you to add common functionality like security, rate limiting, transformation, and mediation. You can configure from a robust set of 50+ policies to gain control on behavior, traffic, security, and QoS of every API. You can even write custom scripts and code (such as JavaScript applications) to extend API functionality.

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Developer portals integrated into API life cycle

Bundle individual APIs or resources into API products—a logical unit that can address a specific use case for a developer. Publish these API products in out-of-the-box integrated developer portals or customized experiences built on Drupal. Drive adoption of your API products with easy onboarding of partners/developers, secure access to your APIs, and engaging experiences without any administrative overhead.

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Built-in and custom API analytics dashboards

Use built-in dashboards to investigate spikes, improve performance, and identify improvement opportunities by analyzing critical information from your API traffic. Build custom dashboards to analyze API quality and developer engagement to make informed decisions.

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Near real-time API monitoring

Investigate every detail of your API transaction within the console or in any distributed tracing solution by debugging an API proxy flow. Isolate problem areas quickly by monitoring their performance or latency. Use Advanced API Operations to identify anomalous traffic patterns and get notified on unpredictable behaviors without any alert fatigue or overheads.

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API monetization

Create rate plans for your API products to monetize your API channels. Implementing business models of any complexity by configuring billing, payment model, or revenue share with granular details.

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Fully managed comprehensive solution to build, manage, and secure APIs—for any use case or scale

Managing high value/volume of APIs with enterprise-grade security and dev engagement

Apigee hybrid

Comprehensive API management for use in any environment—on-premises or any cloud