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Pricing AttributeDetailsPricing and features
API calls
Volume of API calls processed by your API proxies

You are charged differently for the API calls based on the type of API proxy that processes the call. You can deploy two types of proxies:

  • Standard API Proxy

  • Extensible API Proxy

Lightweight proxy that operates on a low footprint accessing a subset of Apigee’s policies. Ideal for operating traffic that is low in complexity, at a fraction of the cost of an Extensible API Proxy.

Costs provided are per 1M API calls.

  • $20 (up to 50M API calls)

  • $16 (from 50M to 500M API calls)

  • $13 (above 500M API calls)

Fully programmable proxy with unrestricted access to Apigee’s policies and capabilities. Ideal for building API products or shared flows and orchestrating traffic with complex transformations.

Costs provided for per 1M API calls.

  • $100 (up to 50M API calls)

  • $80 (from 50M to 500M API calls)

  • $64 (above 500M API calls)

Usage of deployment environments per hour per region

Environments provide access to Apigee’s capabilities, enabling developers to create and deploy an API proxy. The cost is determined by the type of environment an API proxy is deployed to. Apigee provides access to 3 types of environments:

  • Base

  • Intermediate

  • Comprehensive

Allows you to onboard into the platform at a fraction of the price to manage few APIs with low complexity. Base environment provides access to: 

- Deploy 5 environments per project

- Deploy up to 20 API proxies per environment per region

- Deploy Standard API Proxy only

- Capabilities such as API Monitoring, API Hub, and Apigee’s development tools

- Access to other Google Cloud services

  • $365 per month per region

  • Up to 50 QPS

  • SLA up to 99%

Enables you to manage a portfolio of APIs with access to add-on functionalities. Provides access to:

- Deploy 5 environments per project

- Deploy up to 50 API proxies/shared flows per environment per region

- Capabilities included in the Base environment type

- Deploy Standard or Extensible API proxies

- Build shared flows, API products, or portals

- Ability to purchase API Analytics as an add-on capability

  • $1,460 per month per region

  • Up to 100 QPS

  • SLA up to 99%