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New year, new skills - How to reach your cloud career destination

Cloud is a great place to grow your career in 2023. Opportunity abounds, with cloud roles offering strong salaries and scope for growth as a constantly evolving field. Start building on Google Cloud with $300 in free credits and 20+ always free products.

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Google Cloud Skills Boost +
Innovators Plus

The Google Cloud Skills Boost annual subscription is now enhanced with Innovators Plus developer benefits. Choose your learning path and build your cloud skills with the support of the Google Cloud Innovators community behind you.

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Benefits for developers include*:

  • Access to over 700 hands-on labs, skill badges, and courses
  • $500 Google Cloud credits
  • A Google Cloud certification voucher
  • Bonus $500 Google Cloud credits after the first certification earned each year
  • Live learning events led by Google Cloud experts
  • Quarterly technical briefings hosted by Google Cloud executives
  • *Benefit redemption subject to limitations.

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Google Cloud Innovators

The Google Cloud Innovators program is here to support your journey as you grow your cloud experience. Everyone is welcome to join.

From the beginning, you will receive invitations to hear from Google Cloud executives and Developer Advocates, roadmap presentations, and a chance for an invitation to join our new series of Innovator community events.

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Google Developer Advocates

Get to know the Google engineers here to support you on your cloud journey.

Google Cloud Champion Innovators

Connect with a community of thought and technical leaders from the Google Cloud Innovators program.

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Get to know the Google Cloud community by meeting, networking, and hearing from inspiring community members around the world.

Community spotlight card Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer Certification

Guide to Preparing for the Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer Certification

Take the next step in your career by earning the Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer Certification. Learn how to best prepare in our live learning and Q&A session on April 5th.

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Learn directly from Champion Innovators how they solve problems, tackle new projects, and work with Google Cloud.


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