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12 no-cost ways to learn Google Cloud over the holidays

The holiday season is upon us! If you are making your list and checking it twice, we've got a few learning gifts you can tick off the list and share with others too. For the season of giving, we've wrapped up some of our most popular training and certification opportunities and made them available at no-cost.

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All 123 things we announced at Google Cloud Next '22

We loved hosting Google Cloud Next '22 this week in cities around the world and are excited to share our favorite moments and announcements. We kicked off our 24-hour livestream broadcast with an opening keynote in New York City, then moved west to share our "Top 10 Cloud Predictions" developer keynote from the Google Cloud headquarters in Sunnyvale, California. Next '22 then crossed the Pacific to Tokyo, Japan, then down to Bengaluru, India, and finished out in Munich, Germany. Thank you to the thousands of developers who joined our global Innovators Hive events, and be sure to check out all the breakout sessions.

Google Cloud Blog

October 14, 2022

Google cloud next event promotional poster

Google Cloud Blog

Creating beautiful mobile applications using Flutter and Firebase

Learn the advantages of using Flutter and Firebase to create beautiful mobile apps and how to get started, including an example use case and step-by-step instructions.

Google Cloud Blog

December 2, 2022


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The Google Cloud Skills Boost annual subscription is now enhanced with Innovators Plus developer benefits. Choose your learning path and build your cloud skills with the support of the Google Cloud Innovators community behind you.

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Benefits for developers include*:

  • Access to over 700 hands-on labs, skill badges, and courses
  • $500 Google Cloud credits
  • A Google Cloud certification voucher
  • Bonus $500 Google Cloud credits after the first certification earned each year
  • Live learning events led by Google Cloud experts
  • Quarterly technical briefings hosted by Google Cloud executives
  • *Benefit redemption subject to limitations.

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From the beginning, you will receive invitations to hear from Google Cloud executives and Developer Advocates, roadmap presentations, and a chance for an invitation to join our new series of Innovator community events.

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Unmanaged APIs are hurting your productivity and security. Start managing your sprawl with API Hub

How well do you know your APIs? Join our live Ask Me Anything session on January 26th to learn how to address visibility and quality issues with all enterprise APIs - for any protocol, gateway, or deployment environment.

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