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Find top solutions integrated with Google Cloud to accelerate your digital transformation. Scale and simplify procurement for your organization with online discovery, flexible purchasing, and fulfillment of enterprise-grade cloud solutions.

Improve your solution procurement experience with Google Cloud Marketplace

Procure and fulfill fast

Accelerate the procurement process for you and your teams. You may be able to purchase without the need for an internal vendor review if Google is already one of your preferred partners. Create a scalable and repeatable procurement process with deployments that are integrated with Google Cloud.

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Receive customized pricing, payment schedules, and terms with Private Offers

Spend smart

Negotiate with partners, take advantage of flexible billing models, and retire Google Cloud committed spend with most transactions through Google Cloud Marketplace. All spend on solutions purchased from Google Cloud Marketplace are added into your existing Google Cloud invoice, so you receive just one bill from Google.

Be a development ally

Enable development and facilitate governance. Pick from solution options that can integrate with Google Cloud, on-premises, and even multi-cloud projects with Anthos that help you avoid vendor lock-in.

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"Google Cloud Marketplace streamlined the procurement process for us. It’s much easier—it’s just one click to go to production, and we’re able to get real-time visibility into usage."

Eric Hsu, Vice President of Software Engineering, 17Live

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Datadog on Google Cloud collects and unifies all the data streaming from complex hybrid and multicloud environments. Watch Laura Ripans, Senior Director of Cloud Alliances at Datadog, show how the integration delivers network monitoring, database monitoring, serverless monitoring, real user monitoring, and cloud security posture management in a single platform.

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Headshot of Laura Ripans, a smiling woman in a black shirt, with logo lockup of Datadog and Google CloudHeadshot of Laura Ripans, a smiling woman in a black shirt, with logo lockup of Datadog and Google Cloud
 MongoDB, Apache Cassandra, Elastic Cloud, Redis Labs


Find insights in your data more easily with over 200 database API and services, including DaaS from MongoDB, NoSQL databases from Cassandra, advanced key-value cache and storage from Redis Labs, and Elastic’s real-time data search tool.

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Developer tools

Drive development productivity with hundreds of developer tools including servers, version control solutions, project management programs, and over 200 virtual machine options, with offerings from notable names such as Plesk, Jenkins, GitLab, and Bitnami.

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 Jenkins, GitLab, Plesk, Redmine
Band, Bkper, Blue Antoinette Group, Dash

Financial services

Unlock financial services solutions from single-source-of-truth bookkeeping to global tax as a service with over 100 datasets, VMs, and more from partners such as Band, Bkper, Dash, and Blue Antoinette Group.

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