New business channels using APIs

Attract and empower an ecosystem of developers and partners

APIs enable developers, both inside and outside your enterprise, to build new applications and connected experiences. Unlock new digital channels and business models by making valuable data and services available as APIs to your partners and developers.

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  • Processing 30B+ API requests per day

  • More than 6,500 developers signed up

  • Nearly 2,500 developers created API keys

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API life cycle management

A robust API management platform enables enterprises to attract, onboard, and empower an ecosystem of developers while maintaining and controlling their digital assets’ security and visibility. Google Cloud’s Apigee API management platform securely delivers, manages, and analyzes APIs, data, and services, both inside and outside an organization. Whether you’re deploying an on-premises, cloud, or hybrid solution, Apigee can manage every aspect of a successful API program.

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API digital value chain

Once you’ve identified the new digital channels that you want your enterprise to create with APIs, you need controls over those APIs and the ways in which they’re used. An API management platform gives you that control over every step in the digital value chain, from backend systems to customer interactions.

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Key benefits

Drive ecosystem participation

Increase the adoption and consumption of your APIs with a seamless onboarding experience.

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Generate new revenue sources

Open up new channels for driving incremental revenue from existing services and data.

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Monitor and manage APIs to measure success

Gain end-to-end visibility across API programs with metrics for operations, developer engagement, and business.

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