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Backup and DR Service

Backup and DR Service

Managed backup and disaster recovery (DR) service for centralized, application-consistent data protection. Protect workloads running in Google Cloud and on-premises by backing them up to Google Cloud.


Manage your backups and restores all in one place

Protect a broad spectrum of workloads and manage them from a central dashboard. Serve critical use cases such as recovery from data corruption, data loss, ransomware recovery, or database cloning for test/dev.

Eliminate downtime with on-demand, instant recovery

Rely on application-consistent, incremental-forever backups. This service offers low Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO). Restore from backups quickly to resume business operations.

Reduce space required for storing backups

Avoid storing duplicate data unnecessarily with our space-efficient, "incremental-forever" approach. After initial backup we only store incremental changes, which saves you costs and accelerates restore time.

Key features

Key features

“Incremental-forever” backups

Efficient, incremental-forever backup leveraging changed-block tracking significantly reduces the time it takes to back up, minimizes impact on production servers, and optimizes bandwidth and storage utilization for low RPO and costs.

Instant mount and recovery

Instantly mount and access VMware Engine VMs and databases from backups stored in Cloud Storage for low RTO. No need to first move backup data to warm storage to access it.

Application-consistent database backups

Ensures databases are quiesced before data capture for application-consistent backups that can be recovered quickly. Transaction logs are backed up as well, as frequently as every 15 minutes, enabling recovery to any point in time.

Reduced operational burden

Reduces storage requirements for Compute Engine and VMware Engine VMs since selective disks can be excluded from backup.

Broad database support

Application-aware backup and recovery for databases, such as IBM Db2, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, MySQL, Oracle, SAP ASE, SAP HANA, SAP IQ, SAP MaxDB, and PostgreSQL.

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Getting started with Google Cloud Backup and DR

A list of resources for getting started with Google Cloud Backup and DR Service.

Overview of the Backup and DR Service architecture

Backup and DR is a SaaS service. The service architecture includes several components that together deliver the service. Learn about each component in this overview.