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Google Cloud Hybrid Connectivity

Connect your infrastructure to Google Cloud on your terms, from anywhere.


Hybrid connectivity benefits

Connections for every workload

Connect to Google Cloud with high-performance options that work for you like Dedicated Interconnect and Partner Interconnect, Cloud VPN for lower volume needs, and direct and carrier peering options.

Effortless global scale

With Cloud Interconnect, you can get connectivity to any region, around the globe, from one connection with our base offering—no premium add-ons, no difficult implementation, no hassle.

Always on, always up

Dedicated Interconnect offers a guaranteed uptime of 99.99%. If you can’t meet us at one of our Dedicated Interconnect locations, our partners offer SLA-guaranteed uptime through Partner Interconnect.

Key features


Access Google services "on-net"

Partner Interconnect can also deliver something else: direct access to Google services—including Cloud Storage and BigQuery—through Private Google Access for on-premises. This combination broadens the number of services and APIs privately available in Google Cloud, letting you get "on-net" access to more Google cloud services and maximize the value of your investments.

Ultimate bandwidth

With 100 Gbps Dedicated Interconnect, you can scale your connection capacity to meet your particular requirements. Connect up to 2x 100G transport circuits for private cloud traffic to Google Cloud at any of our POPs.

Access internal IPs directly

Your VPC network's internal (RFC 1918) IP addresses are directly accessible from your on-premises network with peering, no NAT device or VPN tunnel required.

Flexible, low-cost VPN

For low-volume data connections, Cloud VPN offers a lower cost option that delivers 1.5–3.0 Gbps over an encrypted public internet connection. Cloud VPN's flexible routing options allow you to use static or dynamic routing to connect to different VPN gateways.

Which Google Cloud connection is right for you?

With so many options—each having its own benefits—choosing the best way to connect to Google Cloud can be a bit daunting. Here are some questions to ask at the start of your decision-making process that should help point you in the right direction.

Decision tree with 5 layers to select connectivity options

Ready to get started?

Find the right Google Interconnect Partner via Google Cloud Find a Partner page, through the Cloud Pathfinder by Cloudscene (clicking this link will take you to a third-party website), or Contact us.

Delivering choice with Network Service Tiers

With Network Service Tiers, Google Cloud is the first major public cloud to offer a tiered cloud network.


Learn from customers using Hybrid Connectivity



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