Best practices for Cloud Interconnect

Use the following best practices when planning for and configuring Cloud Interconnect.

Working with Google Cloud projects

If your network architecture supports it, configure your Cloud Interconnect projects as recommended in this section.

Provision physical Cloud Interconnect connections in a separate project

Provision physical interconnects (ports) for Cloud Interconnect in one project, but provision interconnect attachments (VLANs) in other projects. The other projects must be in the same Google Cloud organization as the project containing the physical interconnects.

Interconnect attachments that connect a physical interconnect to a region through Cloud Router don't have to be in the same project as the physical interconnect. For more information, see Using Interconnect connections in other projects.

This practice makes the following configuration steps easier:

  • You can associate a separate internal billing account with the project containing the physical interconnects.
  • You can configure Identity and Access Management roles and permissions in the project containing the physical interconnects.
  • If you want to delete or update a resource that is not a physical interconnect, you can do so without affecting the physical interconnects.

Configure VLAN attachments in the Shared VPC host project

In a Shared VPC network, configure all VLAN attachments, not physical interconnects (ports), in the host project. For more information about connecting attachments to Shared VPC networks, see Enabling multiple VPC networks to access the same VLAN attachment.

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