Fast, scalable performance

High bandwidth, high IOPS, and ultra-low latency, utilizing byte-addressable media to store metadata and small I/O, and locally attached NVMe with software-managed redundancy for bulk I/O.

Accelerate time to value

Configure Parallelstore to ideally fit your use case and build a system of the right scale for extreme generative AI and HPC simulation use cases.

Futureproof your architecture

Building with Parallelstore prepares your business for HPC scale, AI/ML convergence, and Kubernetes integration, which means you can grow and scale with minimal disruption. Distributed metadata management, extreme IOPS, and key value store architecture are well-aligned to emerging patterns in AI workloads. 

Open source flexibility

Parallelstore is built on Intel DAOS, which is open source. We have a long history of leadership in open source—from projects like Kubernetes, TensorFlow, and more. Open source gives you the flexibility to deploy—and, if necessary, migrate—critical workloads across or off public cloud platforms. Bring products and services to market faster, without operational overhead or requirement of specialized skills. 

How It Works

"With DAOS on Google Cloud, users can easily and quickly provision storage clusters that can scale to similar performance levels as similar on-premises hardware, but then also be able to dynamically grow and shrink those clusters as needed." - Andrey Kudryavtsev, Intel
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Common Uses

AI/ML training

Quantitative trading analysis

Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE)


How Parallelstore pricing works

Pricing will be released when product is generally available.


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How Parallelstore pricing works Pricing will be released when product is generally available.
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