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Reduce latency with scalable, secure, and highly available in-memory service for Redis Cluster, Redis, and Memcached.

  • Build application caches that provide sub-millisecond data access

  • 100% compatible with open source Redis Cluster, Redis, and Memcached

  • Migrate your caching layer to cloud with zero code change


Focus on building great apps

Memorystore automates complex tasks for open source Redis Cluster, Redis, and Memcached like enabling high availability, failover, patching, and monitoring so you can spend more time building your applications.

Simplified scaling

Memorystore for Redis Cluster scales without downtime to support up to 250 nodes, terabytes of keyspace, and 60x more throughput than Memorystore for Redis with microsecond latencies.

Highly available

Memorystore for Redis Cluster has zero-downtime scaling, automatically distributed replicas across availability zones, and automated failover. At GA, Memorystore for Redis Cluster will offer a 99.99% SLA.

Key features

Key features

Choice of engines

Choose from the most popular open source caching engines to build your applications. Memorystore supports Redis Cluster, Redis, and Memcached and is fully protocol compatible. Choose the right engine that fits your cost and availability requirements.


Memorystore for Redis Cluster is available with Private Service Connect (PSC) to simplify management and to offer secure, private, and granular connectivity with minimal IP consumption.


Memorystore is protected from the internet using VPC networks and private IP and comes with IAM integration—all designed to protect your data. Systems are monitored 24/7/365, ensuring your applications and data are protected.

Fully managed

Provisioning, replication, failover, and patching are all automated, which drastically reduces the time you spend on DevOps.

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Had we known the full scope of benefits from switching to Memorystore earlier, we could have saved more engineering time for delivering value to other parts of our e-commerce platform.

Dennis Turko, Staff Software Engineer, Instacart

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