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Learn more about how communications service providers can deliver value at the edge with Google Distributed Cloud. Watch video.

Google Distributed Cloud

Extend Google Cloud’s infrastructure and services to the edge and your data centers.

Adopt a flexible cloud strategy

Google Distributed Cloud is a portfolio of fully managed hardware and software solutions which extends Google Cloud’s infrastructure and services to the edge and into your data centers. It's enabled by Anthos and is ideal for local data processing, edge computing, on-premises modernization, and meeting sovereignty, strict data security, and privacy requirements.

What's new

Build and manage apps anywhere

Take advantage of Google Cloud services at your data center and edge locations to quickly modernize your apps. Google Distributed Cloud uses a cloud-backed control plane powered by Anthos that provides a consistent management experience at scale.

Gain real-time insights from data, locally

Utilize the power of Google’s AI, data analytics, and databases solutions to uncover insights and remove traditional constraints of scale, performance, and cost when you're processing data, no matter where that data is stored.

Meet regulatory and sovereignty requirements

Maintain autonomy and control over your infrastructure and data and adhere to strict sovereignty, data security, and privacy requirements while still being able to use cloud-native services in your dedicated environment.

The cloud infrastructure built for your evolving needs

Google Distributed Cloud portfolio

With Google Distributed Cloud, customers will be able to migrate or modernize applications and process data locally with a set of Google Cloud services like databases, machine learning, data analytics, container management services, and third-party services. Depending on the organization, you can run Google Distributed Cloud products and solutions in one of four location types: Google's network edge, Operator edge, Customer edge, and Customer data center. 
Chart of Google's distributed cloud solutions

Google Distributed Cloud Edge

Google Distributed Cloud Edge is a fully managed product that brings Google Cloud’s infrastructure and services closer to where data is being generated and consumed. Google Distributed Cloud Edge empowers communication service providers to run 5G Core and radio access network (RAN) functions at the edge. It also enables an ecosystem of partners and developers to create enterprise applications to meet mission-critical use cases such as computer vision and Google AI edge inferencing. Google Distributed Cloud Edge builds on our telecommunication solutions and empowers CSPs to deliver new experiences which leverage 5G and edge. 
Delivering 5G networks and ecosystems with Google Distributed Cloud Edge

Technical Overview

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Google Distributed Cloud Hosted

Google Distributed Cloud Hosted doesn't require connectivity to Google Cloud at any time to manage infrastructure, services, APIs or tooling, and uses a local control plane managed by Anthos for operations. It's designed to run sensitive workloads, building on the digital sovereignty vision we outlined last year. It supports public-sector customers and commercial entities to address data residency and strict security and privacy requirements. This provides you with a safe and secure way to modernize an on-premise deployment, whether you do it yourself or choose to host through a designated, trusted partner. (Google Distributed Cloud Hosted will be available in Preview 2022.)
Chart illustrating Google Cloud's Hosted mode distributed cloud solution

Google Distributed Cloud Virtual

Google Distributed Cloud Virtual is a software-only solution that enables you to extend a consistent dev and operational experience to your existing datacenter environments. Ideal for new and existing enterprise apps, or for real-time analytics that have specific hardware, security, and locality requirements which make on-premises datacenters the best place for them to run. Google Distributed Cloud Virtual is powered by Anthos and allows customers to begin modernizing infrastructure, apps, and data in place - at a pace that makes sense for their business. Google Distributed Cloud Virtual is self-managed and deployable onto virtual machines and bare metal systems, enabling greater choice and customization based on your unique needs. 
Graphic depicting that GDC Virtual can be deployed to any location .

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