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Introducing Blockchain Node Engine, a fully managed node-hosting service for Web3 development.
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Google Cloud for Web3

Build and scale faster with simple, secure tools and infrastructure for Web3. Get co-sell and growth opportunities, like promotion on Marketplace, and support for on- and off-chain governance.

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Spend your time building what matters most

Web3 companies and projects choose Google Cloud because it’s faster and easier to get things done. Reduce the need for infrastructure maintenance, custom tooling, and operations.

Instantly scale with demand

Get low-latency networking everywhere

Use Google’s own backbone to provide low-latency access to nodes and applications for customers globally. 

Quickly expand to new regions with a global Virtual Private Cloud that spans all regions.

Scale node-hosting environments

Use Google Kubernetes Engine to easily support new protocols and scale your existing clusters. 

Diversify your environment with nodes in Google Cloud, other clouds, or on-prem with Anthos Service Mesh

Scale your database globally

Spanner provides unlimited scale, global consistency across regions, and high availability, up to 99.999%.

Protect digital assets end to end

Submit and authorize digital assets transactions

Use Cloud KMS to manage encryption keys and sign transactions using hardware security modules (HSMs).

Keep signatures and data encrypted while in use

Use Confidential VMs and GKE nodes to protect your dedicated keys and data in use, without code changes or performance degradation.

Reduce your attack surface

Use Container-Optimized OS, which is open source, has a small footprint, and is security hardened for containers.

Get to market faster

Simplify node deployment

Quickly and securely deploy dedicated nodes and minimize the need for node operations with fully managed Blockchain Node Engine

Build faster with industry-leading containers

Easily build, deploy, and manage all of your code changes with Firebase, Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), and Google Compute Engine.

Operate in the clean

Improve the environmental impact of your blockchain infrastructure with Carbon Footprint and build on the most efficient data centers.

Easily analyze on-chain data

Handle events at scale

Distribute globally

Stream blockchain data in real-time into BigQuery via global Pub/Sub distribution for on-demand analysis and integration.

Get real-time node and network insights

Leverage scale

Analyze blockchain data with BigQuery, which automatically scales to thousands of cores in seconds. Many blockchains are already indexed in BigQuery.

Stream and process your data 

Fully managed infrastructure

Use Dataflow and serverless Spark as fully managed and highly scalable services for running Apache Spark and Apache Beam workloads.

Fast and secure node infrastructure with Blockchain Node Engine

Developers can easily deploy nodes with the reliability, performance, and security expected on Google Cloud.
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