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FinOps and optimization of GKE

Continuously deliver business value by running reliable, performant, cost-efficient applications. This solution can help by assessing your current environment or using preemptive enablement as you start your journey.


Kickoff the FinOps culture and maximize GKE within your organization

Operate and make decisions based on signals

Focus on the appropriate signals for optimization of your environment: app right-sizing, scaling down during off-peak, bin packing, and ephemeral machine usage.

Dimensions for scaling

Understand the scaling dimensions made available to you by both GKE and Kubernetes, to consume only the required resources to meet your business needs.

Insights into your current usage

Customers currently using GKE can get insights into their current environment and tailored recommendations for their organization.

Key features

More than just about cost-efficient workloads

Whether you are just getting started or already using GKE, this solution can help you.

Keeping workloads reliable and performant

Leverage GKE capabilities to help keep your workloads available and responsive to your end users.

Observe your environment

Monitoring and enforcement of resources being consumed within an environment.

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