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API Management

Using Gemini Code Assist to build APIs, integrations, and automation flows

April 10, 2024
Michael Vakoc

Product Manager, Google Cloud

Pramodh Ramesh

Product Manager, Google Cloud

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APIs and integrations between applications form the digital nervous system of modern architectures. APIs are the pathways that connect your intelligence (AI models and apps) to data sources spread across different environments and systems, and integrations drive intelligent actions across your SaaS workflows. However, building these APIs and integrations often requires specialized expertise, requiring a lot of time and resources to ensure consistent standards and quality. 

We're excited to announce that you will be able to use Gemini Code Assist in Google Cloud’s Apigee API Management and Application Integration (in public preview). Gemini code assist simplifies the process of building enterprise grade APIs and integrations using natural language prompts that don't require special expertise.

Gemini Code Assist: AI-powered assistance, tailored for your enterprise

While off-the-shelf AI assistants can help with building APIs and integrations, the process is still time-intensive because every enterprise is unique, each with their own requirements, schemas, and data sources. Unless the AI assistant understands this context, users still need to manually address these items.

Gemini Code Assist understands enterprise context such as security schemas, API patterns, integrations, etc., and uses it to provide tailored recommendations for your use case. Furthermore, using Gemini Code Assist lets you iterate on your existing API or integration in development, instead of prompting from scratch. Lastly, Gemini’s proactive suggestions inspire new ideas.

Using Gemini Code Assist to build APIs

Apigee is Google Cloud’s turnkey API Management solution for building, managing, and securing APIs – for any use case or environment (cloud or on-premises). You can access Apigee through the Google Cloud console or in commonly used IDEs like VS Code via the Cloud Clode plug-in. 

And now, you can use Gemini Code Assist to create consistent quality APIs in Apigee without any specialized expertise. If the existing API specifications in API Hub do not meet your requirements, you can use Gemini to create a new one by simply describing what you need in natural language. Gemini Code Assist considers artifacts such as your security schemas or API objects in API Hub, and uses it to create a specification tailored to your enterprise. This saves a lot of time in development and review cycles.


Using Gemini Code Assist to generate tailored and consistent API specifications

In Apigee, you can simulate real-world API behavior and publish the specification to API Hub, for testing and driving multiple development streams in parallel.


Gemini Code Assist provides guidance and explanations during API proxy creation

Furthermore, Gemini offers step-by-step guidance for adding new policy configurations while creating an API proxy. Lastly, Gemini also provides explanations for your existing configurations, reducing the learning curve during updates and maintenance.

Using Gemini Code Assist to build integrations and automations

Application Integration is Google Cloud’s Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) that automates business processes by connecting any application — both home-grown and third-party SaaS — with point-and-click simplicity. Its intuitive interface lets you build complex flows, map data, and streamline operations with pre-built tasks and triggers.

And now, using Gemini Code Assist, anyone in your team can create end-to-end automation flows in Application Integration by just describing their requirements. For example, you can use Gemini to automate the task of updating a case in your CRM (like Salesforce), when a new issue is created in your bug tracking system (like JIRA). You can either issue a prompt to Gemini or use one-click suggestions provided in the interface. Based on the prompt and existing enterprise context such as APIs or applications, Gemini suggests multiple flows tailored for your use case.


Using Gemini Code Assist to create integration flows and automate SaaS processes

In accordance with your enterprise context, Gemini automatically creates variables and pre-configures tasks, making the integration ready for immediate use. Gemini doesn't just respond to prompts — it intelligently analyzes your flow and proactively suggests optimizations, such as replacing connectors or fine-tuning REST endpoint calls. Gemini also helps you to extend existing flows in a single click, significantly reducing your maintenance efforts.


Extending integration flows with proactive suggestions from Gemini Code Assist

The visual nature of the Application Integration interface makes the flow self-explanatory, making it easier for new users to ramp up. Gemini even automatically generates intelligent descriptions based on existing configurations, helping to get the integration into adoption faster. 

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APIs and integrations are essential building blocks that provide differentiated experiences with AI models and applications. Using Gemini Code Assist, you can significantly reduce the toil of building these APIs and integrations, while adhering to your enterprise quality standards. You can use Gemini Code Assist (public preview) to simplify API and integration building within Apigee or Application Integration in the coming weeks.

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