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Optimization AI

Solve large scale optimization problems to create AI-infused enterprise decision support systems.

  • Make effective business decisions with a robust planning and optimization tool

  • Build with the groundbreaking optimization API that powers Google, developed by Google Research

  • Easily integrate with Google products to inject Google AI into your business planning process


Optimize your business with Google AI

Optimize your business capability with easy integration. Simulating business outcomes is easy with Optimization AI.

Provide realistic options

Optimization AI models realistic business operations. Use the extensible schema to create a digital twin of your most complex operations to help users make the best decision possible.

Google scale and reliability

Mission critical decisions need to be made effectively, quickly, and reliably. Optimization AI can help solve your most complex problems.

Key features

Key features

Cloud Fleet Routing

This feature is designed to power first and last mile delivery fleets. This stateless solver gives options for users to create optimized fleet-wide delivery plans without compromising speed, scale, and reliability. Leveraging Google Maps Platform Last Mile Fleet Solution and Cloud Fleet Routing together provides end-to-end coverage of planning and execution tasks.

Natively integrated with Google Maps

Users are one-click away from powering route plans with Google Maps Distance Matrix.


Optimization AI Customers



Optimization AI documentation

Learn how to use Optimization AI with documentation including guides, references, and resources.

Use the REST API to send requests

Learn how to send the request through REST API and get a response.



Pricing for Optimization AI is based on a pay-as-you-go unique shipment concept. Follow the link to learn more.


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