Google Cloud Pub/Sub is priced according to the data volume used:

Monthly data volume Price Per GB
First 10GB $0.00
Next 50TB $0.06
Next 100TB $0.05
Beyond 150TB $0.04
If you pay in a currency other than USD, the prices listed in your currency on Cloud Platform SKUs apply.

Data volume is computed from message and attribute data for pull, push, and publish operations. A minimum of 1KB of data per request (not per message) will be assessed.

If you are using Pub/Sub across projects, note that Pub/Sub fees are billed to the project that contains the requested resource (e.g., subscription). For example, a service account in project A may be given subscriber access to a subscription in Project B (that is under billing account B). Billing account B will be billed for the data that is pulled from the subscription by service account A. Alternatively, if the subscription resides in project A (even if it is attached to a topic in project B), account A will be billed for data that is pulled from the subscription.

For a complete, authoritative list of Pub/Sub prices see Cloud Platform SKUS.

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