Pub/Sub Lite quotas and limits

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This page lists the quotas and limits that apply to Pub/Sub Lite. Unless mentioned otherwise, Pub/Sub Lite topics refer to both zonal and regional Lite topics.

Quotas apply to the following properties of a Pub/Sub Lite service:

  • Throughput for a zone in case of a zonal Lite topic without reservations
  • Throughput reservation capacity units in a region
  • Storage for a region
  • Rate of administrative Pub/Sub Lite requests for a project

Subscription limits

Pub/Sub Lite enforces a limit of 1,000 Lite subscriptions for a Lite topic. You cannot request an increase for the number of Lite subscriptions.

Throughput and storage quotas

Regional Lite topics require throughput reservations. Zonal topics can use reservations or allocate throughput capacity directly to a topic. Zonal topics without reservations consume publish and subscribe throughput quota of their respective zones. Topics with reservations only consume throughput quota through their reservations.

The storage of both zonal and regional Lite topics in a project counts towards the same regional quota. A regional Lite topic stores data in two zones in a region, whereas a zonal Lite topic stores data only in one zone in a region.

For example, if you create a zonal Lite topic with one partition containing 30 GiB of storage space, you use 30 GiB of your storage quota. Alternatively, if you create a regional Lite topic with one partition containing 30 GiB of storage space, you use 60 GiB (30 x 2) of your storage quota.

The following default quotas apply to each project and location:

Resource quota Location type Value
Reservation throughput region 128 capacity units
Publishing throughput for zonal Lite topics without reservations zone 64 MiBps
Subscribing throughput for zonal Lite topics without reservations zone 128 MiBps
Storage region 20 TiB

You can always request a higher quota.

Lite topics store messages in partitions, and each message uses 256 bytes to 3.5 MiB of storage space. If the message is larger than 256 bytes, then the size of the message is the sum of the following:

  • The number of bytes in the encoded message body string
  • The number of bytes in the key and value of each attribute
  • The number of bytes in the ordering key
  • 12 bytes for the event timestamp

For more information about the message format, see the message resource in the Pub/Sub Lite API reference.

Request quotas

The following quotas apply to Pub/Sub Lite requests in each region:

Request quota Value Description
Administrative read requests per min 600 Getting and listing Lite topics and Lite subscriptions
Administrative write requests per min 600 Creating, updating, and deleting Lite topics and Lite subscriptions, or manually changing the offset of a committed cursor.
Message stats computation requests per min 600 Computing backlog statistics
Head cursor computation requests per min 600 Computing the current head cursor

These quotas apply to each Google Cloud console project and are shared across all applications using that project.

Quota increases

If you want to increase any of your quotas for Pub/Sub Lite, you can use the Google Cloud console to request a quota increase. For details, see Requesting higher quota.