Storage Transfer Service Pricing

There are no extra costs for using the Storage Transfer Service; however, normal Cloud Storage pricing and external provider costs apply when using the Storage Transfer Service. For example:

  • When transferring data from an external source into Cloud Storage, you may incur egress and operation charges based on the pricing policy of the source provider. For example, when moving data from Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) to Cloud Storage, the pricing in the Amazon S3 Pricing page applies for requests and data transferred out of Amazon S3.

  • When transferring data from a Cloud Storage bucket to another Cloud Storage bucket in a different location, you incur transfer charges. For more information, see Network Pricing.

  • When transferring data from any source into a Cloud Storage bucket, you incur a PUT operation charge for each object added to the bucket. For more information, see Operations Pricing.

  • When transferring Nearline Storage or Coldline Storage data from one Cloud Storage bucket to another, you incur data retrieval costs, and you incur early deletion fees if they apply. For more information see Nearline Storage and Coldline Storage pricing.

  • When you use the Storage Transfer Service, operation charges apply for any object management that occurs, both in Cloud Storage and in external storage providers external. For example, a transfer operation from an external provider into Cloud Storage may need to list the contents of both the source and destination buckets. For more information, see Operation Pricing for Cloud Storage or the appropriate pricing page for the source provider.

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