Billing and Payments Support

All Google Cloud Platform accounts get free billing and payments support. This page tells you where to get more information about managing your billing account, and how to contact support if you need help.

Manage your billing account

You can use the Google Cloud Platform Console to manage your Google Cloud Platform billing account. From the console, you can update account settings such as payment methods and administrative contacts. Or you can use the console to set budgets and alerts, view your payment history, and to export billing data.

Go to the GCP Console Billing page.

Get help

The Cloud Billing documentation contains useful articles that will help you manage your billing account. It also includes articles on how to find out what your billing cycle is, modifying a project's billing settings, and resolving common billing issues.

If you have an invoiced billing account, see Make a Payment to an Invoiced Billing Account for information about making payments and contacting collections.

Go to the Cloud Billing documentation.

Contact support

Use the Platform Billing Support form to contact our billing support team. After filing the request, you'll receive a tracking number by email. Reply to that email to add additional information or screenshots to your request.

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