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Duet AI in Google Cloud

AI-powered assistance in Google Cloud

Currently in preview, Duet AI, your AI-powered collaborator, is available across Google Cloud and your IDE to help you get more done, faster.

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Conversational assistance in natural language

Through a natural language chat interface, you can quickly chat with Duet AI to get answers to cloud questions, or receive guidance on best practices. Duet AI is specifically trained on Google Cloud content like docs, sample code, and best practices to help serve our users better. Conversational assistance is available in Console and IDEs such as Visual Studio Code and JetBrains IntelliJ, via the Cloud Code extensions. It tracks conversations and has local context about your problem. 

AI-powered code assistance

Whether you are writing apps, calling APIs, or querying data, Duet AI can help complete your code while you write, or generate code blocks based on comments. Code assistance is available in multiple IDEs such as Visual Studio Code, JetBrains IDEs (IntelliJ, PyCharm, GoLand, WebStorm, and more), Colab for Enterprise, Cloud Workstations, Cloud Shell Editor, Cloud Spanner, and BigQuery. Duet AI supports 20+ programming languages, including Go, Java, Javascript, Python, and SQL. 

Designed to respect intellectual property

You can rest assured that your code, your inputs, and recommendations will not be used for any product and model learning and development. Your data and IP remain exclusively yours. For more details, check our data governance policy. Duet AI also provides source citations when suggestions directly quote at length from a source to help you comply with any license requirements. Customers also have the option to block those suggestions if they prefer. 

Fully managed, ready to use

You don't have to know anything about the world of machine learning and AI to take advantage of Duet AI. As a fully managed service, it is regularly and automatically updated and monitored and uses the latest-tested AI technology from Google. No need to host anything yourself. Google's investment in AI infrastructure helps ensure performance and scale. For those looking to build their own custom experiences, Google offers the Vertex AI platform, which Duet AI is built upon.

Safe and responsible AI

Across Google's AI efforts we have established a set of AI principles, which describes our commitment to developing AI technology responsibly. These principles apply to Duet AI in Google Cloud as they do elsewhere. To learn more about Google’s AI principles, check here. Additionally, Duet AI in Google Cloud has achieved ISO/IEC 27001 (Information Security Management), 27017 (Cloud Security), 27018 (Protection of PII) and 27701 (Privacy Information Management) certifications.

How It Works

Built on top of Google's leading large foundation models, Duet AI is specially trained to help you be more productive on Google Cloud. Duet AI in Google Cloud leverages the Vertex AI platform to provide personal and contextualized AI assistance while keeping your data private and secure.
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Common Uses

Assisted development

Assisted operations

Assisted data analysis

Assisted data science

Assisted database management

Assisted security management

Assisted interoperability


Duet AI pricing

Duet AI in Google Cloud is currently in preview.

Duet AI in Google Cloud

Duet AI in Google Cloud is currently in preview. You can sign up to join the preview program to test Duet AI at no charge.

Duet AI pricing Duet AI in Google Cloud is currently in preview.
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Duet AI in Google Cloud

Duet AI in Google Cloud is currently in preview. You can sign up to join the preview program to test Duet AI at no charge.

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