Use Duet AI for AI Assistance and Development | Google Cloud

Duet AI in Google Cloud is an always-on collaborator that offers generative AI-powered assistance to a wide range of Google Cloud users, including developers, data scientists, and operators. To provide an integrated assistance experience, Duet AI is embedded in many Google Cloud products.

The following table shows the types of generative-AI assistance that are available in Duet AI, along with links to documentation that shows you how to get assistance:

Task Type of assistance Product documentation
Develop, deploy, and troubleshoot
  • Generate and debug code.
  • Generate unit tests.
  • Answer questions about Google Cloud products.
  • Offer suggestions for best practices and optimization.
  • Summarize log entries.
  • Troubleshoot error messages.
Analyze data
  • Generate SQL.
  • Generate code in notebooks.

Duet AI and Vertex AI

Duet AI is a productivity tool that provides assistance to developers, operators, and data scientists while they use Google Cloud products.

Vertex AI is a machine learning (ML) platform that you use to build your own generative AI and ML applications.

You can use Duet AI to do the following:

  • Get guidance to help you solve problems with your code.
  • Generate code for your project.
  • Receive inline suggestions while you code.

You can use Vertex AI to do the following:

  • Build and commercialize your own AI-powered developer tools.
  • Train and deploy ML models and AI applications.
  • Customize large language models (LLMs) for use in your AI-powered applications.

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