Duet AI release notes

This page documents production updates to Duet AI. Check this page for announcements about new or updated features, bug fixes, known issues, and deprecated functionality.

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November 01, 2023

Duet AI code generation and code completion latency has been reduced when it's used in IntelliJ and VSCode.

The following improvements have been made when using using IntelliJ IDEA and other JetBrains IDEs with Duet AI:

  • Duet AI supports linux ARM builds in IntelliJ
  • A daily sign-in expiration issue has been fixed.
  • Linux support on JetBrains IDE's has been improved.
  • Chat in IntelliJ and JetBrains IDEs is available in Preview.
  • Confidence scoring is enabled which should improve code completion quality.

You don't need to switch between using REST and gRPC when using Duet AI. Duet AI does this for you.

Duet AI added multi-file support for code generation.

Duet AI has an improved threshold to filter out low quality code completions.

Duet AI for VS Code provides an indication that code generation is in progress.

Duet AI in Google Cloud has fewer false positive responses and increased its response length for questions about code.

Chat in Duet AI in Google Cloud can be opened in a new browser tab while maintaining your current chat session.

August 29, 2023

Duet AI, an AI-powered collaborator in Google Cloud, is now available in Preview.