Add or change Duet AI subscriptions

This document describes how to access and use the Duet AI admin controls.

Before you begin

Access Duet AI admin controls in the Google Cloud console

To access Duet AI admin controls in the Google Cloud console, select Duet AI Admin in the navigation menu.

Edit a subscription

The following steps describe how to edit a Duet AI subscription.

  1. In the Google Cloud console, go to the Duet AI Admin page.

    Go to Duet AI Admin

  2. On the Subscriptions page, select the subscription that you want to edit.

  3. Click Manage subscriptions in the details page. Then, you can:

    • Enable or disable auto-renewal - If you disable auto-renewal, the subscription expires at the end of the subscription term and all the licenses in the subscription are removed from your billing account. You cannot re-enable a subscription on after it expires. You need to purchase a new subscription to get more licenses.

    • Increase or decrease the number of licenses in the subscription - Adding licenses makes them available to you almost immediately. However, if you reduce the number of licenses, the changes won't take effect until the end of the subscription term. Additionally, the original license count is still be reflected in your bill until the changes are applied.

  4. Click Continue, and then click Confirm changes.

What's next