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Helping organizations solve for COVID-19 challenges

From video conferencing to virtual agents to remote work security, Google Cloud is committed to providing organizations tools they need to keep moving forward during this unprecedented time. Below are cross-industry and industry-specific resources that can be used to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tools for a new normal

The impact of COVID-19 creates new challenges, and for many of us, requires that we adopt new ways of working. Google Cloud is here to help you stay connected and get work done safely and securely. See a selection of resources below, as part of our Business Continuity, Operational Efficiency and Innovation offerings.

Solving for business continuity

Gain insights into new customer behaviors

Platforms like BigQuery can help drive insights and actions faster as consumer behavior shifts. Data warehouse modernization can allow you to analyze large quantities of data to drive insights and actions faster with capabilities like in-stream analytics.

Take a free assessment of your data warehouse’s maturity.

Respond rapidly to customer concerns

Give customers the answers they need right away in chat, social, text, and over the phone with a customized virtual agent. Contact Center AI’s Rapid Response Virtual Agent program is designed to help government agencies, healthcare organizations, nonprofits, and businesses impacted by COVID-19.

Accelerate time to market with no-code

Quickly spin up apps to manage remote teams, workforce health, donations, distributing supplies, and more with AppSheet’s no-code platform. Use our COVID-19 Support Guide as a resource for automating processes in the new normal.

Keeping our cloud up and running

We are taking measures to keep our systems up and running, so you can stay focused on your business. Learn how we’re supporting you through COVID-19.

Reduce downtime with disaster recovery planning

Our Disaster Recovery planning guide for existing and new enterprise workloads, including disaster recovery building blocks, and scenarios for data and applications.

Get Google Cloud training at no cost

In this time of transition to home working, we want to empower you to build new skills on cloud technology. Register to receive special offers on Google Cloud training.

Solving for remote work

Work and telecommute from anywhere

Google Workspace makes it easy to get things done from anywhere with secure video meetings, chat, and document collaboration apps. See how Gmail is protecting businesses against cyber threats during COVID-19 and beyond.

Work remotely with Google Workspace.

Stay connected with free video conferencing

Get free and secure video conferencing with any Google account. Google Workspace customers can access advanced Meet video conferencing features at no cost through September 30, 2020.

Empower a remote workforce with Chrome Enterprise

Chrome Enterprise is a modern, secure solution that empowers remote workers to be productive working from home while keeping devices secure and allowing IT to manage devices remotely.

Securely scale your remote workforce

Google Cloud and Palo Alto Networks are partnering together to help enterprises securely scale their remote workforce with Prisma Access on Google Cloud.

Let teams use work apps from anywhere

Provide secure remote access to internal web apps through Google’s global network with BeyondCorp Enterprise. Give employees access to work apps from virtually any device, anywhere, without a remote-access VPN. Read more on our blog.

Easily connect your on-premises networks to Google

Extend on-premises connectivity to cloud resources with Google Hybrid Connectivity options like Cloud Interconnect and Cloud VPN. Learn how to build a virtual workstation with this Cloud OnAir tutorial.

Enable remote workers with Chrome Enterprise.

Solving for operational efficiency

Five best practices for optimizing costs

Get five best practices to help you rightsize your cloud costs to the needs of your business, so you can get through these challenging, unpredictable times.

Request a custom strategy to reduce IT costs

Learn ways to reduce and optimize your IT spend for immediate and long term growth. Request an assessment to drive more value with your IT spend.

Estimate migration costs with a free assessment

Get an inventory of your infrastructure, a total cost of ownership (TCO) assessment, and more from Google Cloud and our partners.

12 solutions to drive agility and higher return

Explore 12 solutions to improve decision-making, reduce TCO and boost productivity. For example, lower your TCO by 26% to 34% with BigQuery, while cutting analyst workload by 70% with Looker. Migrate Oracle workloads to achieve up to 78% TCO savings.

Reduce time spent on platform management by 40-55%

Read Forrester: The Total Economic Impact™ Of Anthos on the projected business benefits and cost savings enabled by Anthos. This report was created to help application platform operators, developers, and security professionals.

Google Workspace cost calculator

Get a personalized report powered by Forrester Consulting showing how Google Workspace can make your teams more agile, improve security, and grow revenue.

Healthcare and life sciences

Navigate the COVID-19 pandemic with virtual care solutions, public health datasets, and other tools designed for healthcare organizations and researchers. Visit our COVID-19 healthcare industry tools and resources page to learn more.

Virtual care and telehealth

Support your patients remotely—protecting caregiver and patient safety—by offering take-home devices, monitoring health digitally, and setting up virtual visits with Google Workspace.

Healthcare data interoperability

Protect patient privacy while de-identifying data and making it interoperable for use in COVID-19-related research and for population health with the Cloud Healthcare API.

National Response Portal

Together with HCA Healthcare and SADA, we have developed the COVID-19 National Response Portal, enabling healthcare providers to safely share anonymous data to develop a real-time view of the COVID-19 pandemic.

High-demand public datasets

We’re helping healthcare organizations study COVID-19 with a pre-hosted repository of public healthcare datasets. Local providers and emergency planners can also apply Looker’s pre-built analyses and dashboards to these datasets.

Data-driven COVID-19 models

Researchers have turned to Google Cloud Life Sciences to help accelerate research programs, including studying how social distancing and travel restrictions affect COVID-19 transmission.

Open and shareable information for data scientists

The White House and a coalition of leading research groups have gathered more than 44,000 COVID-19-related scholarly articles on Google Cloud’s Kaggle data science community.


Adapt to unprecedented changes in buying behavior, gain operational agility, and accelerate cost reduction with AI/ML-powered solutions built for retail.

Cloud migration for cost management

Accelerate your cloud migration to cut fixed costs, reduce overhead, and modernize infrastructure. Our teams can help at every step of your migration journey to Google Cloud.

Remote workforce enablement with Google Workspace

Keep employees connected during these challenging times with our suite of collaboration apps. Google Workspace lets teams video conference, chat, email, and work in shared documents from anywhere.

COVID-19–related ecommerce capacity management

Increase ecommerce reliability during drastic spikes in buying. Google Cloud’s support programs for peak demand times like BFCM are helping during COVID-19, allowing you to focus on your business while we manage capacity.

Ecommerce modernization to aid offline to online

Move legacy ecommerce systems to a containerized architecture that gives you agility in a fluctuating market. Google Cloud offers engineering support, training, and more during this transition.

Demand forecasting and inventory management

Forecast shifts in consumer spending with AI and machine learning from Google Cloud. Get the insights you need to enable merchandising planners to manage current inventory and improve planning.

Retail-specific Looker analytics tools

Optimize store operations, increase retail margins, and improve customer lifetime value with insights from your data. Google Cloud and Looker can offer data models and analytics pre-built for retail.


Maintain continuity of operations, deliver essential services, and use critical data to inform policy decision-making to support your constituents.

Remote working and telehealth

Google Meet enables employees to safely connect through high-quality virtual video calls and messaging to collaborate and get work done.

Social safety net

Google Cloud capabilities are being applied to help essential government programs deliver quality service for traditional and unplanned Pandemic Unemployment Assistance during unprecedented increases in demand.

Emergency management tracking

City and county health and community resource information is in rapid implementation for real-time and accurate citizen communication, Q&A, and recommended care.

Disease monitoring and control

Enable public health professionals to ingest data, understand risk, and inform policies and containment strategies.Learn about technology solutions for State Governments' COVID-19 Emergency Response Programs.

Rapid Response Virtual Agent program

Deploy virtual agents across multiple channels to handle increased demand for questions and support related to COVID-19. Quickly disseminate information to your constituents across voice, chat, and social channels.

Public health critical asset management

Quickly get assets like beds, ventilators, masks, and gloves to the right place with rapid data collection and integration, analytics, and predictions with this sample app that you can copy and make your own.

Financial Services

Adapt to customer and market landscape changes due to COVID-19 with lending AI, cost-effective computing resources, and other solutions built for finance. Read more on our blog.

Paycheck Protection Program Lending AI Solution

With the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Lending AI Solution, lenders can easily and securely integrate underwriting components into their lending systems, allowing them to accelerate process automation and handle the massive volume increase in loan applications.

Rapid Response Virtual Agent program

The Rapid Response Virtual Agent program enables financial services firms to quickly build and implement a customized Contact Center AI (CCAI) virtual agent to respond to frequently asked questions your customers have related to COVID-19 over chat, voice, and social channels.

High performance compute burst capacity

Help support business processes that require additional compute capacity and analytics capabilities due to increased demand. Enable remote working capabilities while extending secure and reliable access to applications and systems—without incurring significant capital investments.

Video conferencing with Google Meet

Empower a remote workforce to work digitally and safely develop client relationships with video conferencing from Google. Host virtual advisory services such as financial planning and support video brokerage for policies such as life insurance.

Accelerate liquidity calculations and analysis

Speed liquidity reporting and calculations in response to changing financial markets with Google Cloud’s efficient data management. From customer-managed encryption keys to stress testing, Google Cloud can enhance security, compliance, and governance capabilities at financial service institutions.


Teach, learn, and work remotely with solutions designed to help educators and students keep the school year going during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Remote working and learning

Enable online meetings and learning and bring old devices back to life. Google Meet has capabilities designed for education. And with virtual desktop solutions you can enable secure and scalable access to corporate resources.

Distance learning resources

Support teachers, students, and guardians during school closures with distance learning resources including Teach from Anywhere, in partnership with UNESCO, a central hub of information, tips, and training tools to help educators keep reaching students.

Rapid Response Virtual Agent program

Reach your students, faculty, and staff with timely and accurate information via a rapid response virtual assistant. The Agent is pre-trained with COVID-19 FAQs, so students, faculty, and staff receive immediate, conversational answers to general questions related to COVID-19.

Inform decision making with analytics and metrics

Track essential data and get real-time reporting to help you respond more effectively and support decisions. Gain insights on recruiting, enrollment, and student engagement. Get in touch.

Helping academic research

To make data more widely available and accessible for researchers, we launched the COVID-19 Public Dataset Program which enables free querying of COVID-19 related datasets in BigQuery.

Colleges and universities can create Google Posts to publish time-sensitive COVID-19 updates, such as school closures and event cancellations, via Google Search. Users may be able to find this information in the knowledge panel when they search for the institution name.

Media, entertainment, and gaming

Scale for spikes in consumption due to COVID-19, broadcast anywhere, and enable remote workstations with solutions built for media and entertainment.

Enable remote work with virtual workstations

Connect your content production and game development teams to high-powered, flexible, globally available applications or virtual workstations on Google Cloud.

Keep broadcasting with Google Meet

Keep your shows on the air and broadcast from anywhere using Google Meet.

Deliver content globally

Provide fast and reliable streaming experiences while handling spikes in consumption, with our globally distributed infrastructure, connected by a private, software-defined network.


Enable physical distancing, touchless interactions, enhanced visual inspection, and more with solutions built for manufacturing.

Ensure safety conformance with AI

Check for safety conformance from workers and provide corrective measures in real time using Vision AI visual inspection. Inspect for adherence to eyewear, hard hat, and physical distancing mandates to reduce risks.

Reduce risk with touchless interactions

Use Google Assistant to control building systems and interact with machinery with voice commands. Reduce the contamination risk associated with touching switches, keyboards, and screens.

Enable workers to collaborate safely and remotely

Leverage collaboration tools like Google Meet to host and participate in virtual stand-up meetings, onboarding, and training. Virtually collaborate during daily kickoffs, LEAN initiatives, and IT agile meetings.

Use AI to visually inspect production processes

Detect quality and conformance conditions without in-person attendance 24/7. Regularly increase inspection accuracy over time with machine learning (ML).

Monitor machines from anywhere

Free workers from repetitive processes and re-assign workers to distanced stations. Remotely monitor machines anywhere in the world and gain insights in performance and dashboard views.

Optimize IT resources and reduce costs

Strengthen financials with cost-savings from modernizing infrastructure and reducing IT cost. We can work with you to build a proposal for reducing costs while accounting for the needs of your organization.