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Claims Acceleration Suite

Prior Authorization

Streamline health insurance and prior authorization claims processing by transforming data and enabling experts to make faster, more informed decisions.


Improve efficiency by streamlining processes

Our AI-enabled solution accelerates time-to-decision, improving access to care, and elevates physician experience, all while reducing data processing errors and costs.

Reduce administrative burden and physician burnout

Empower providers to focus more on patient outcomes as they can spend less time on obtaining medical necessity review and are able to align on treatments faster. Through an expedited clinical review process, providers can redeploy clinical resources on care management and help ease workloads for physicians.

Expedite prior authorization decisioning

Enable insights and analytics across the organization for faster data-driven decision-making.

How It Works

Claims Acceleration Suite expedites prior authorization submission and review processes by transforming unstructured data from documents into structured datasets.

In addition to transforming data in FHIR for near real-time payer/provider data exchange, it enables enterprises to make faster, data-driven decisions through analytics and insights.

The solution consists of three components: Prior Authorization Submission, Claims Data Activator, and Prior Authorization Review.

Common Uses

Prior Authorization Submission

Claims Data Activator

Prior Authorization Review

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