How we’re helping the healthcare industry with COVID-19

We’re committed to helping the healthcare industry meet today’s extraordinary challenges. Here are some of the ways that our teams at Google Cloud, Google Search, YouTube, Google Maps Platform, and others are mobilizing to help healthcare organizations, researchers, and patients navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.

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These products and solutions may not be available in every market.

Supporting healthcare organizations and their employees

Virtual care and telehealth

Support your patients remotely— protecting caregiver and patient safety—by offering take-home devices, monitoring health digitally, and setting up virtual visits.

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Critical application and website infrastructure

Many government and healthcare COVID-19-related websites are experiencing traffic issues, even downtime. In response, we’re offering content delivery network services and cloud resources that scale.

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High-demand public health datasets

We’re helping healthcare organizations study COVID-19 with a pre-hosted repository of public healthcare datasets. Local providers and emergency planners can also apply Looker's pre-built analyses and dashboards to these datasets.

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Remote work solutions

Instantly connect healthcare and life sciences employees whether they’re on the front lines of care, leading research remotely, or keeping operations running through G Suite, Chrome OS, and secure-by-design Chrome devices.

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Visualization of essential services

Using Google Maps Platform in conjunction with COVID-19 datasets, healthcare organizations can locate critical equipment, provide testing site locations, give patients directions, and route medical deliveries to recipients.

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Healthcare data interoperability

Protect patient privacy while de-identifying data and making it interoperable for use in COVID-19 related research and for population health.

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National Response Portal

Together with HCA Healthcare and SADA, we have developed the COVID-19 National Response Portal, an open data platform to help communities respond to the pandemic. The platform enables healthcare providers to safely share anonymous, aggregated data to develop a complete and real-time view of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Partnering with researchers to aid public health and wellbeing

Open and shareable information for data scientists

The White House and a coalition of leading research groups have gathered more than 44,000 COVID-19-related scholarly articles on Google Cloud’s Kaggle data science community.

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Google Cloud research credits

Advance your COVID-19 research by accessing scalable computing power. Apply for research credits to receive funding for projects related to potential treatments, techniques, and datasets.

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Collaboration and HPC tools

Working with the COVID-19 HPC Consortium and Rescale, we’re donating HPC resources to researchers fighting the virus.

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Predicting protein structures

Alphabet’s DeepMind has used its AlphaFold system to release structure predictions of several proteins associated with COVID-19 under an open license. These predictions have not yet been experimentally verified, but may contribute to scientists' understanding of how the virus functions and support experimental work in developing future treatments.

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Data-driven COVID-19 models

Researchers have turned to Google Cloud Life Sciences to help accelerate research programs, including studying how social distancing and travel restrictions affect COVID-19 transmission.

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Helping people access COVID-19 information

Rapid Response Virtual Agent

Provide chat and voice support in 23 languages to address the influx of questions related to COVID-19 using Contact Center AI. Give patients and communities the information they need and alleviate the pressure on your contact center.

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Information for patients on Search and YouTube

People who search on Google and YouTube for COVID-19 information will find information from global, national, and local health authorities like the CDC, WHO, and national health ministries.

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Solutions by Verily, an Alphabet company

Project Baseline COVID-19 testing program

To support California state-led, community-based testing, Verily launched the Baseline COVID-19 Program, a connected solution to support individuals from screening to testing at community sites to receiving results.

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COVID-19 Pathfinder: automated support for frontline teams

This easy-to-embed tool provides information about COVID-19, helps patients understand symptoms, and guides them to the right information based on their inputs—all from a health system or hospital’s website.

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Verily Pathfinder open source virtual agent template

Our open source template gives you everything you need to program chat or voice bots with the latest COVID-19 responses and guidance from public health authorities like the CDC and WHO. Need to build a bot? Add our template into your customized Rapid Response Virtual Agent.

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Other resources for healthcare and life sciences organizations