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Module: google.appengine.ext.deferred


deferred module: A module that handles deferred execution of callables via the task queue.


class Error: Base class for exceptions in this module.

class Handler: A handler class for processesing deferred invocations.

class PermanentTaskFailure: Indicates that a task failed, and will never succeed.

class SingularTaskFailure: Indicates that a task failed once.


application(...): A handler class for processesing deferred invocations.

defer(...): Defers a callable for execution later.

invoke_member(...): Retrieves a member of an object, then calls it with the provided arguments.

run(...): Unpickles and executes a task.

run_from_datastore(...): Retrieves a task from the datastore and executes it.

serialize(...): Serializes a callable into a format recognized by the deferred executor.

set_log_level(...): Sets the log level deferred will log to in normal circumstances.