Python 3.9 is now generally available.

Module: google.appengine.api.request_info

Allows API stubs to access request and system state when handling calls.

Certain API stubs require access to information about the request that triggered the API call (e.g., user_service_stub needs to know the host name of the request to generate continuation URLs) or system state (e.g., modules_stub).

Other stubs (e.g., taskqueue_stub, channel_stub) need to be able to dispatch requests within the system.

An instance of a RequestInfo subclass is passed to stubs that require these capabilities.


class BackgroundThreadLimitReachedError: The instance is at its background thread capacity.

class Dispatcher: Provides information about and dispatches requests to modules.

class Error: Common base class for all non-exit exceptions.

class InvalidInstanceIdError: The provided instance ID is invalid.

class ModuleDoesNotExistError: The provided module does not exist.

class NotSupportedWithAutoScalingError: The requested operation is not supported for auto-scaling modules.

class VersionAlreadyStartedError: The version is already started.

class VersionAlreadyStoppedError: The version is already stopped.

class VersionDoesNotExistError: The provided version does not exist.