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Python 3.10 is now available in preview.


Asynchronously composites one or more images onto a canvas.

inputs A list of tuples (image_data, x_offset, y_offset, opacity, anchor), where: - image_data String of the source image data. - x_offset X offset, in pixels from the anchor position. - y_offset Y offset, in piyels from the anchor position. - opacity Opacity of the image, specified as a float in range [0.0, 1.0] - anchor Anchoring point from ANCHOR_POINTS. The anchor point of the image is aligned with the same anchor point of the canvas. For example, TOP_RIGHT would place the top right corner of the image at the top right corner of the canvas, then apply the x and y offsets.
width Canvas width, in pixels.
height Canvas height, in pixels.
color Canvas background color, encoded as a 32-bit unsigned integer, where each color channel is represented by one byte in ARGB order.
output_encoding A value from OUTPUT_ENCODING_TYPES.
quality A value between 1 and 100 to specify the quality of the encoding. This value is only used for JPEG quality control.
rpc Optional UserRPC object.

A UserRPC object.

TypeError If width, height, color, x_offset, or y_offset are not an integer or long, or if opacity is not a float.
BadRequestError If more than MAX_TRANSFORMS_PER_REQUEST compositions have been requested, if the canvas width or height is greater than 4000 or less than or equal to 0, if the color is invalid, if the opacity is outside the range [0,1] for any composition option, or the anchor is invalid.