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Module: google.appengine.api.queueinfo

QueueInfo tools.

QueueInfo is a library for working with QueueInfo records, describing task queue entries for an application. QueueInfo loads the records from queue.yaml. To learn more about the parameters you can specify in queue.yaml, review the queue.yaml reference guide:


class Acl: Controls the access control list for a single task queue.

class MalformedQueueConfiguration: The configuration file for the task queue is malformed.

class QueueEntry: Describes a single task queue.

class QueueInfoExternal: Describes all of the queue entries for an application.

class RetryParameters: Specifies the retry parameters for a single task queue.


LoadSingleQueue(...): Loads a queue.yaml file/string and returns a QueueInfoExternal object.

ParseRate(...): Parses a rate string in the form number/unit, or the literal 0.

ParseTaskAgeLimit(...): Parses a string representing the task's age limit (maximum allowed age).

ParseTotalStorageLimit(...): Parses a string representing the storage bytes limit.

TranslateRetryParameters(...): Populates a TaskQueueRetryParameters from a queueinfo.RetryParameters.

ACL 'acl'
BUCKET_SIZE 'bucket_size'
MAX_BACKOFF_SECONDS 'max_backoff_seconds'
MAX_CONCURRENT_REQUESTS 'max_concurrent_requests'
MAX_DOUBLINGS 'max_doublings'
MIN_BACKOFF_SECONDS 'min_backoff_seconds'
MODE 'mode'
MODULE_ID_RE_STRING '(?!-)[a-z\\d\\-]{1,63}'
MODULE_VERSION_RE_STRING '(?!-)[a-z\\d\\-]{1,100}'
NAME 'name'
QUEUE 'queue'
RATE 'rate'
RESUME_PAUSED_QUEUES 'resume_paused_queues'
RETRY_PARAMETERS 'retry_parameters'
TARGET 'target'
TASK_AGE_LIMIT 'task_age_limit'
TASK_RETRY_LIMIT 'task_retry_limit'
TOTAL_STORAGE_LIMIT 'total_storage_limit'
USER_EMAIL 'user_email'
WRITER_EMAIL 'writer_email'