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Module: google.appengine.api.croninfo

CronInfo tools.

A library for working with CronInfo records, describing cron entries for an application. Supports loading the records from yaml.


class AttemptDeadlineValidator: Checks that attempt deadline can be correctly parsed.

class CronEntry: A cron entry describes a single cron job.

class CronInfoExternal: CronInfoExternal describes all cron entries for an application.

class GrocValidator: Checks that a schedule is in valid groc format.

class MalformedCronfigurationFile: Configuration file for Cron is malformed.

class RetryParameters: Retry parameters for a single cron job.

class TimezoneValidator: Checks that a timezone can be correctly parsed and is known.


LoadSingleCron(...): Load a cron.yaml file or string and return a CronInfoExternal object.

ATTEMPT_DEADLINE 'attempt_deadline'
CRON 'cron'
DESCRIPTION 'description'
JOB_AGE_LIMIT 'job_age_limit'
JOB_RETRY_LIMIT 'job_retry_limit'
MAX_BACKOFF_SECONDS 'max_backoff_seconds'
MAX_DOUBLINGS 'max_doublings'
MIN_BACKOFF_SECONDS 'min_backoff_seconds'
RETRY_PARAMETERS 'retry_parameters'
SCHEDULE 'schedule'
SERVER_ID_RE_STRING '(?!-)[a-z\\d\\-]{1,63}'
SERVER_VERSION_RE_STRING '(?!-)[a-z\\d\\-]{1,100}'
TARGET 'target'
TIMEZONE 'timezone'
URL 'url'
groc None
groctimespecification None