Python 3.9 is now generally available.

Module: google.appengine.api.urlfetch_errors

Errors used in the urlfetch API.


class ConnectionClosedError: The target server prematurely closed the connection.

class DNSLookupFailedError: The DNS lookup for a URL failed.

class DeadlineExceededError: The URL was not fetched because the deadline was exceeded.

class DownloadError: The URL could not be retrieved.

class Error: Base URL fetcher error type.

class InternalTransientError: An internal transient error occurred.

class InvalidMethodError: An invalid value was provided for method.

class InvalidURLError: The URL given was empty or invalid.

class MalformedReplyError: The target server returned an invalid HTTP response.

class PayloadTooLargeError: The request payload exceeds the limit.

class SSLCertificateError: An invalid server certificate was presented.

class TooManyRedirectsError: follow_redirects was set to True, and the redirect limit was hit.