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Python 3.10 is now available in preview.


Performs translation of queue.xml to queue.yaml.


class Acl

class PullQueue

class PushQueue

class Queue

class QueueXml

class QueueXmlParser: Provides logic for walking down XML tree and pulling data.

class RetryParameters




BAD_MODE_ERROR_MESSAGE ('Mode, if specified, must be either push or pull (defaults to push) for queue ' "entries. Bad value '%s' in <queue> entry with name '%s'")
PULL_QUEUE_ERROR_MESSAGE ('The element <%s> is not defined for pull queues; bad <queue> entry with name ' "'%s'")
PUSH_QUEUE_RETRY_PARAMS ('task-age-limit', 'min-backoff-seconds', 'max-backoff-seconds', 'max-doublings')
PUSH_QUEUE_TAGS ('rate', 'bucket-size', 'max-concurrent-requests', 'target')
RETRY_PARAMETER_TAGS ('task-retry-limit', 'task-age-limit', 'min-backoff-seconds', 'max-backoff-seconds', 'max-doublings')
RETRY_PARAM_ERROR_MESSAGE ('The element <%s> in <retry-parameters> is not defined for pull queue with ' "name '%s'")