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Python 3.10 is now available in preview.

Module: google.appengine.api.appinfo_errors

Errors used in the Python appinfo API, used by app developers.


class BackendNotFound: Raised when a backend is required but not specified.

class ContentTypeSpecifiedMultipleTimes: Raised when mime_type and http_headers specify a mime type.

class DuplicateBackend: Raised when a backend is found more than once in backends.

class DuplicateBuiltinsSpecified: Raised when a builtin is specified more than once in the same file.

class DuplicateLibrary: Raised when a library is found more than once in libraries.

class EmptyConfigurationFile: Tried to load empty configuration file.

class Error: Base datastore AppInfo type.

class InvalidBuiltinFormat: Raised when the name of the builtin in a list item cannot be identified.

class InvalidHttpHeaderName: Raised when an invalid HTTP header name is used.

class InvalidHttpHeaderValue: Raised when an invalid HTTP header value is used.

class InvalidLibraryName: Raised when a library that is specified isn't supported.

class InvalidLibraryVersion: Raised when a library uses a version that isn't supported.

class MissingApiConfig: Raised if an api_endpoint handler is configured, but the api_config isn't configured.

class MissingEndpointsConfigId: Raised when an Endpoints config id is expected.

class MissingHandlerAttribute: Raised when a handler is missing an attribute required by its type.

class MissingRuntimeError: Raised when the runtime field is omitted for a non-VM.

class MissingURLMapping: Raised when there are no URL mappings in external appinfo.

class MultipleBuiltinsSpecified: Raised when more than one builtin is specified in a single list element.

class MultipleConfigurationFile: Tried to load configuration file with multiple AppInfo objects.

class MultipleProjectNames: Configuration file had both application: and project: fields.

class NotEnoughAutoscalingUtilizationTargetsError: Raised when not enough custom metric autoscaling targets are present.

class PositionUsedInAppYamlHandler: Raised when position attribute is used in handler in AppInfoExternal.

class RuntimeDoesNotSupportLibraries: Raised when libraries is used in a runtime that does not support it.

class ThreadsafeWithCgiHandler: Raised when threadsafe is enabled with a CGI handler specified.

class TooManyAutoscalingUtilizationTargetsError: Raised when too many custom metric autoscaling targets are present.

class TooManyHttpHeaders: Raised when a handler specified too many HTTP headers.

class TooManyScalingSettingsError: Raised when more than one scaling settings section is present.

class TooManyURLMappings: Raised when there are too many URL mappings in external appinfo.

class UnexpectedEndpointsConfigId: Raised when an Endpoints config id is unexpected.

class UnexpectedHandlerAttribute: Raised when a handler type has an attribute that it does not use.

class UnknownHandlerType: Raised when it is not possible to determine URL mapping type.