Python 3.9 is now generally available.

Module: google.appengine.datastore.datastore_stub_util

Utility functions shared between the file and sqlite datastore stubs.

This module is internal and should not be used by client applications.


class BaseConsistencyPolicy: A base class for a consistency policy to be used with a transaction manger.

class BaseCursor: A base query cursor over a list of entities.

class BaseDatastore: A base implementation of a Datastore.

class BaseHighReplicationConsistencyPolicy: A base class for High Replication Datastore consistency policies.

class BaseIndexManager: A generic index manager that stores all data in memory.

class BaseTransactionManager: A class that manages the state of transactions.

class DatastoreStub: A stub that maps datastore service calls on to a BaseDatastore.

class EntityGroupMetaData: The meta_data assoicated with an entity group.

class EntityGroupPseudoKind: A common implementation of get() for the entity_group pseudo-kind.

class EntityGroupTracker: An entity group involved a transaction.

class EntityRecord: An EntityProto and its associated EntityMetadata protobuf.

class ListCursor: A query cursor over a list of entities.

class LiveTxn: An in flight transaction.

class MasterSlaveConsistencyPolicy: Enforces the Master / Slave consistency policy.

class PseudoRandomHRConsistencyPolicy: A policy that always gives the same sequence of consistency decisions.

class StubQueryConverter: Converter for v3, v4 and v1 queries suitable for use in stubs.

class StubServiceConverter: Converter for v3/v4/v1 request/response protos suitable for use in stubs.

class TimeBasedHRConsistencyPolicy: A High Replication Datastore consistency policy based on elapsed time.

class ValueRange: A range of values defined by its two extremes (inclusive or exclusive).


Check(...): Raises an apiproxy_errors.ApplicationError if the condition is false.

CheckAppId(...): Check that this is the stub for app_id.

CheckEntity(...): Check if this entity can be stored.

CheckProperty(...): Check if this property can be stored.

CheckPropertyValue(...): Check if this property value can be stored.

CheckQuery(...): Check a datastore query with normalized filters, orders.

CheckReference(...): Check this key.

CheckTransaction(...): Check that this transaction is valid.

CheckValidUTF8(...): Check that the given string is valid UTF-8.

CompareEntityPbByKey(...): Compare two entity protobuf's by key.

FillUser(...): Fill in a synthetic user ID for a user properties.

FillUsersInQuery(...): Fill in a synthetic user ID for all user properties in a set of filters.

GetInvisibleSpecialPropertyNames(...): Gets the names of all non user-visible special properties.

IdToCounter(...): Map ID k to the counter value from which it was generated.

LoadEntity(...): Prepares an entity to be returned to the user.

LoadRecord(...): Prepares a record to be returned to the user.

NormalizeCursors(...): Normalizes compiled cursors in place.

ParseKeyFilteredQuery(...): Parse queries which only allow filters and ascending-orders on key.

ParseKindQuery(...): Parse kind (schema) queries.

ParseNamespaceQuery(...): Parse namespace queries.

ParsePropertyQuery(...): Parse property queries.

PrepareSpecialPropertiesForLoad(...): Computes special properties that are user-visible.

PrepareSpecialPropertiesForStore(...): Computes special properties for storing.

ReverseBitsInt64(...): Reverse the bits of a 64-bit integer.

StoreRecord(...): Prepares a record for storing.

SynthesizeUserId(...): Return a synthetic user ID from an email address.

ToScatteredId(...): Map counter value v to the scattered ID space.

UpdateEmulatorConfig(...): Update the cloud datastore emulator's config with its client side cache.

get_query_converter(...): Returns a converter for v3 and v1 queries (not suitable for production).

get_service_converter(...): Returns a converter for v3 and v1 service request/response protos.

SCATTERED 'scattered'
SEQUENTIAL 'sequential'
logger Instance of logging.Logger