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Module: google.appengine.api.blobstore.blobstore

Blobstore API.

This module contains methods that you can use to interface with the Blobstore API. The module defines a db.Key-like class that represents a blob key.


class BlobFetchSizeTooLargeError: The block could not be fetched because it was too large.

class BlobNotFoundError: The blob does not exist.

class DataIndexOutOfRangeError: The indexes could not be accessed.

class Error: Base blobstore error type.

class InternalError: An internal error occured.

class PermissionDeniedError: The operation did not complete; review the permissions required.


create_gs_key(...): Creates an encoded key for a Google Cloud Storage file.

create_gs_key_async(...): Asynchronously creates an encoded key for a Google Cloud Storage file.

create_rpc(...): Creates an RPC object to use with the Blobstore API.

create_upload_url(...): Creates the upload URL for a POST form.

create_upload_url_async(...): Asynchronously creates the upload URL for a POST form.

delete(...): Deletes a blob from Blobstore.

delete_async(...): Asynchronously deletes a blob from Blobstore.

fetch_data(...): Fetches the data for a blob.

fetch_data_async(...): Asynchronously fetches the data for a blob.

BLOB_INFO_KIND '__BlobInfo__'
BLOB_KEY_HEADER 'X-AppEngine-BlobKey'
BLOB_MIGRATION_KIND '__BlobMigration__'
BLOB_RANGE_HEADER 'X-AppEngine-BlobRange'
CLOUD_STORAGE_OBJECT_HEADER 'X-AppEngine-Cloud-Storage-Object'
GS_PREFIX '/gs/'