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Python 3.10 is now generally available.

Module: google.appengine.api.datastore_errors

Errors used in the Python datastore API.


class BadArgumentError: Raised by Query.Order(), Iterator.Next(), and others when they're passed an invalid argument.

class BadFilterError: Raised by Query.__setitem__() and Query.Run() when a filter string is invalid.

class BadKeyError: Raised by Key.__str__ when the key is invalid.

class BadPropertyError: Raised by Entity.__setitem__() when a property name isn't a string.

class BadQueryError: Raised by Query when a query or query string is invalid.

class BadValueError: Raised by Entity.__setitem__(), Query.__setitem__(), Get(), and others.

class CommittedButStillApplying: The write or transaction was committed, but some entities or index rows may not have been fully updated.

class EntityNotFoundError: DEPRECATED: Raised by Get() when the requested entity is not found.

class Error: Base datastore error type.

class InternalError: An internal datastore error. Please report this to Google.

class NeedIndexError: No matching index was found for a query that requires an index.

class QueryNotFoundError: DEPRECATED: Raised by Iterator methods when the Iterator is invalid.

class ReferencePropertyResolveError: An error occurred while trying to resolve a ReferenceProperty.

class Rollback: May be raised by transaction functions when they want to roll back instead of committing.

class SnapshotVersionTooOldError: Raised by Query when a snapshot is too old and no longer exists.

class Timeout: The datastore operation timed out, or the data was temporarily unavailable.

class TransactionFailedError: Raised by RunInTransaction methods when the transaction could not be committed, even after retrying.

class TransactionNotFoundError: DEPRECATED: Raised by RunInTransaction.